Sweep Picking, among the hardest, but yet most rewarding techniques that guitarists desire to tackle. quite hard process to start learning though these three tips, you can begin to train right, and intensely go head first into sweep picking.

For a start, you will need a good metronome. This is the elementary step with any type of practice, whether is be guitar, piano, violin, or whatever instrument you play, you'll need a metronome. The key to great playing is through practicing slowly. When you are learning a whole new scale, you will need a metronome, if you're studying a different arpeggio, you want a metronome, remember you must use a metronome!

What you are going to do is go with a straightforward three-string sweep. You can easily pick any notes you want, just be certain they are on the three high strings. You have to play those three notes at a slow speed to get them beneath your fingers. Then start-up the metronome to 60 bpm, and have fun with playing one note per click.

The second step is positioning your pick correctly. You'll want to make sure that your pick is held perfectly level, parallel with the floor. This is extremely important simply because you want to avoid your pick rocking to and fro. This lets you pick each note to allow them to be heard nice and clearly.
This tip needs a wide range of practice to gain access to your muscle memory. This is the reason we practice slowly, you have to give attention to being sure that your fingers as well as your pick are plucking the notes perfectly, everything rings out. When practicing with your metronome, go slow until perfect, not less than half a dozen times in a row, then increase the metronome.

The next tip is on muting your notes. The best way to mute the notes will be lifting up each finger with your left hand immediately after playing the note. So once you play the first note and it rings out, lift up that finger and play the next note ensuring the previous note is silenced.

Again, this just needs a large amount of practice to get under control, and I also know that that is a lot to try to get, however these are the beginning tricks on sweep picking. Make certain you practice remarkably slowly, this is the biggest tip that you can get! Practice will not make perfect. SLOW practice makes perfect.