Why You Should Install These Mods

If you've played Kerbal Space Program and don't have any mods installed -You're missing out.

You might think mods are a waste of time, and just mess up the game, but some of them are very helpful and make the game allot easier. Their are three mods that I use to make my game easier. I don't think anyone should be playing without these mods, because they help you do the harder things in the game, such as docking, making your ship the right size, and leaving for other planets at the right time.

Mod #1: Kerbal Engineer

Before I had Kerbal Engineer installed, I didn't know if my ship would make it to where it was going. I would send missions to other planets, and have them fail, because they didn't have enough fuel. I needed to know if my ship would make it to other planet's, or if it would run out of fuel and not even come close.

Kerbal Engineer is the most helpful mod that I have ever played with. It tells me everything I need to know about my ship and how far I can get with it. It will tell me my delta V and my thrust to weight ratio. It will also tell me my delta V and thrust to weight ratio for any planet or moon I want it too.

This mod has helped me get where I want to go and not run out of fuel. It has also helped to tell me if I will get off the ground and how much more thrust and delta V I need.

Kerbal Engineer Interface:

Kerbal engineer

Mod #2: Kerbal Alarm Clock

Before I got Kerbal Alarm Clock, I had no Idea when to leave for other planet's. There is a small window to leave for other planet's open only for a few days every couple years(varies for different planets). I didn't know when that window would be open.

Kerbal Alarm clock is an extremely helpful mod, that tells me when the window to leave for a planet is open. All I have to do is tell it where I am and where I want to go, and it will tell me the best time to leave. I can also use this mod to tell me when I reach my maneuver node, or anything else I need to be notified about.

I find this mod very helpful when leaving for other planets. Without Kerbal alarm clock I wouldn't know when to leave for other planets, and would never make it them.

Kerbal Alarm Clock Interface:

Kerbal alarm clock

Mod #3: Docking Port Alignment Indicator

Before I installed the mod "Docking Port Alignment Indicator", I couldn't dock. I would have so much trouble lining up the docking ports, that I would never even get close to docking. I was never able to dock with a space station or anything else I needed to dock with, and that stopped me from completing allot of missions.

Docking Port Alignment Indicator is the most useful mod when docking. It gives me a target on my nav ball, and a separate one on my screen to help me line up my docking ports.

It has helped me to dock many ships together and without it, I still wouldn't be able to dock.

Other Mods

Tac Life Support

Tac Life Support is a fun mod that makes the game more realistic. It forces me to bring food, water, oxygen, and waste containers on long manned missions. It makes the game harder and stops me from having space stations in orbit for a long time without resupplying them.

Planetary Base Systems

Planetary Base Systems is an amazing mod that adds new parts to the game that let me build a planetary base. With the new parts, I can land my base on any planet or moon and have drills, solar panels, crew quarters, science labs, and even airlocks on my base.