Planning a visit to Disney World soon? This article will provide you with three key ingredients to a great vacation to Disney World.  Whether you’re going with a big group, your a family with children, you're on your anniversary or a going on a field trip, these tips will help with staying together, bonding and getting as much done as possible. 

 First Key: Get all the hours to the parks, show times at the parks, character meetings, back stage tours, and parades, everything that is on a timeline.  Make a note of everything you want to see and put your itinerary together ASAP.  Your itinerary will be your guide if you can stick to it.  It will ensure you get to see as much as you can in a short amount of time.  There is SO MUCH to do that to see all the shows and all the parks and all the rides and all the parades and all of everything would take almost two weeks.  Some people don’t have that kind of time, and if you are that person an itinerary will be your best friend. 

 Second Key: Fast passes.  These are tickets you can get to go through all the lines in the fast lane.  You must use your key to the park to get a fast pass for a ride which is a small ticket at the beginning of each ride, and it will tell you to come back at a later time to go through the fast lane.  These are great because they can also keep you on a timeline.  It is smart to get to the parks as they open, book it to the rides you really want to ride a lot.  Get a fast pass for them and then go through the line right then because it will be short from you getting there early.  Then you can come back in an hour and go through the fast pass lane.  The park fills up VERY QUICKLY so these passes are smart to get early so you can ride the rides you love again when the parks gets busy.  You can get fast passes throughout the day but the trick is you can only get one fast pass for each key within the hour.  Learn how to utilize these passes and learn well before you go.

 Last but definitely not least:  Get a Hidden Mickey book.  While the park was being designed, from the shops to the rides, the designers would hide Mickey Mouse heads.  There are classic Mickey heads, shadows, portrait views, sometimes there are hidden Minnie Mouse heads.  I even found a hidden Tinkerbell once.  This book tells you where each and every one of these hidden Mickeys are.  You can buy a couple different books and make it a competition to see who can find the most.   It is a great way to bond with any company you have and interesting to learn a little back story of one of the greatest places in the World.

 Remember to enjoy your stay there; it really is a magical place. 

*Bonus* Pin trading is also one of the best ways to meet people and learn about the park as well.  Get a lanyard and start trading with the employees there!