It is pretty clear based on the tremendous amount of people who are overweight these days that very few people enjoy their current forms of exercise. If you don't enjoy your exercise, chances are you are not going to be happy when you head to the gym to burn through your hour long routine. If you can't stomach the gym consider starting a new activity such as the ones listed below. All will help you burn extra calories and will prevent you from having to visit the dreaded gym.

Golf ExerciseGolf

At first golf seems like a very leisurely activity. How could you burn many calories playing golf. Well the first step to making Golf resemble exercise is to remove the golf cart. Yup, instead of driving around the course try grabbing your golf bag, throwing it over your shoulder and walking the course. If you play a full 18 holes rest assure you will have burned quite a few calories.

The other secret to using golf as a form of exercise is to avoid drinking beer or sugary drinks while playing. Throw four or five bottles of water in your golf bag and a few pieces of fruit and plan a nice healthy relaxing game on the lynx.

Racquetball ExerciseRacquetball

You might have thought racquetball died in the 80s along side hot pants and Vanilla Ice. Well my deer friend you are incorrect, and as a result you are missing out on an extremely fun activity you can pick up with a buddy. Racquetball courts can be found at your local YMCA and usually cost about $5 per person for a solid hour. If you are into high paced games that can get extremely competitive grab yourself a set of racquets from Walmart or just rent racquetball equipment from your local YMCA and get ready to sweat off around 800 calories in an hour of racquetball.

Yoga ExerciseYoga

While Yoga might not be the most exhausting exercise, it still technically qualifies as exercise. While you might not burn a ton of calories, an hour session of Yoga will leave you very relaxed and in a great state of mind. Practice yoga a few times a week and you will probably find that you are in much better mental condition allowing you to ignore those nasty food cravings you use to self medicate.

On top of Yoga being relaxing, you can also learn some sexy yoga poses to impress your spouse. While they may not be as sexy for the guys, ladies sexy yoga poses will definitely impress your husband and well, impressing your husband in that category can lead to other 'fun' calorie burning exercise.

Pilates ExercisePilates

If you like Yoga and want to crank it up a notch, give Pilates a try. Unlike yoga, Pilates has much more dynamic stretching and really hammers the heck out of your core. If you are naturally lean and want to really make your abdominal region pop, a few weeks of Pilates will really help the look of your physique. Pilates is a great class for both men and women, so guys, if you are worried about being the only guy in the class, relax, chances are a handful of other men will be there thinking the exact same thing as you.

These are just a few activities you could take part in to increase your weekly exercise output. Starting out is always the hardest part, don't let your insecurities limit you from trying something new, after all, everybody is new at some point!