Magic Tricks For Kids

We've had fun learning some simple magic tricks, these are some of our favorites. They're great for entertaining friends and family and no sleight of hand skills or specialist props are required.

Colourful Mind Reading

Here's a fun trick which can be done with nothing but a handful of wax crayons.

  • The magician hands a few crayons to a volunteer, before turning around.
  • The volunteer is asked to select one and place it into the performers hands which are behind his back. He should also be requested to conceal the remaining crayons.
  • The magician now turns back to face his helper and the audience, keeping the crayon behind his back. He has no idea which colour it is at this point.
  • He now secretly scrapes off a small amount of the wax with a thumbnail and brings that hand around, placing it on the head of the participant, who is asked to concentrate very hard on the chosen colour. A suitable display of intense psychic skill is now required as he subtley checks his thumbnail.
  • When the suspence has built sufficiently he can amaze and astonish all present by announcing the colour.

A Simple Card Trick

For this trick you will need one pack of cards which has been sorted into two piles; one pile containing all of the red cards, and the other all of the blacks. Both halves of the pack should be placed face down on a table.

  • An audience member is invited to choose a pile which should then be offered to them face down, so that they can select a card at random.
  • When they have memorised their card, the magician will present the other pile to them and request that their card be inserted anywhere they wish.
  • A bit of shuffling at this point will add a little panache if the performer is up to it, however if the cards are dropped, the secret will be given away.
  • Being careful not to display the front of his cards to the audience, the performer will easily be able to pick out the one which is of a different colour to the others in the pile.
  • Cue rapturous applause!

Guess the Animal

This is a good trick to get everyone involved at family gatherings and parties. It just requires a few strips of paper, something to write with and a bowl or similar container.

  • The conjurer asks a volunteer to call out an animal, which he then writes on a strip of paper.
  • The paper is folded to conceal the word, and put into a bowl.
  • Another spectator is now asked for their suggestion but this time the magician, while pretending to write the new animal, will actually note down the choice of the first volunteer again.
  • This can be repeated until everyone has suggested an animal or the group runs out of ideas.
  • When the final slip has been folded and placed into the bowl, somebody is asked to pick one out at random (Any piece is fine of course; they're all the same).
  • If the person concentrates hard enough on the word they see, the magician will be able to tell everyone which animal was pulled out. Amazing!

This trick can be adapted for any theme, if you're having a pirate party participants could think up pirate names to go into the bowl.