How to get your house deposit back!

It can be frustrating and upsetting to discover you are not going to get your deposit back on a property you have been renting. You may feel confident that you have done all that is required of you in order to protect your deposit from being withheld by a landlord, but find that you have inadvertently overlooked matters which cost you dearly. The following are three of the most common reasons why you may never see your deposit again:


Storage of landlords property

It is your responsibility to look after the property of your landlord that has been left for your enjoyment. This includes rugs, curtains, lampshades and doormats.

You may decide not to use such goods and store them somewhere. If you place them in a damp cupboard, or dirty loft, when you next take them out they probably will not be in good condition, and you will be expected to pay for them. Even if they are not damaged, items like curtains may need to be laundered and ironed, and fees for this service will be taken out of your deposit.

Make sure this problem does not happen by storing goods your landlord leaves for your use appropriately, and checking their condition before you move. Remedy any mishaps, or expect to pay for them. If you can try to find a property to rent that has a minimal amount of decoration and items already in it as this way you can avoid problems. It doesn’t matter how careful you are minor accidents to happen from time to time.



Before you vacate a property you have been renting you will be required to clean it. However, there are areas you may miss, and this could result in a deduction from your deposit.

Remember to remove hair from plugholes, clean sinks, wipe skirting boards and wipe a damp cloth around light switches. Cupboards, electrical appliances, paintwork around windows and doors, and grouting around bathroom tiles must be cleaned. These are areas you could easily forget about while you are busy preparing to move house.

Clean a rented property well by imagining the condition you would expect it to be in if you were a new tenant. You would not want to see evidence of the previous tenant’s dirt and grime unless you had extremely low standards.


If you have a cat that has sharpened its claws on stair carpets, a dog that has left its fleas everywhere, or have spilled red wine and failed to clean it up adequately, be aware that your deposit may be kept in order to pay for new carpets. Normal wear and tear is expected, however, flea infestations, stains and rips are unlikely to be considered acceptable.

Prevent damage from occurring in the first place by cleaning spills before they become stains, and not letting your pets rip, soil or spoil carpets.


There are other reasons why your landlord may keep your deposit; however, if you make sure you treat items left for your use with care, clean well, and avoid damage to carpets, you are more likely to get your full deposit back.