If you suffer from Candida then you know all about how terrible it makes you feel. If you are not sure that is okay, candida is a illness formed by yeast overgrowth in the bowels. This illness is commonly not detected by doctors but can have a massive detrimental effect on the one that suffers from it without knowing what is causing your ill being.

First of all let me tell you my quick story, when i was younger i suffered from a big bout of candida. I spent time and time again in many hospitals, seeing doctors for what they would report back as no problem. Basically said they could not detect what i had. In time the Candida got worse and my last resort was an experienced allergy specialist. Immediately i was diagnosed with chronic candida. The specialist looked at me and said well i am impressed your still standing. You seem to be reacting to everything almost.. I was in shock and worry, but relieved to be finally told what was causing my massive constant random symptoms.

So anyways, here is what happened, i was put on a strict low carb diet consisting of mainly lots of bland foods and low sugar fruit. It helped immediately, however it still took time to heal because of massive impact the candida had caused on my immune system. In time of say 6 months i felt ten times better and started to get on with my life.

Okay that is my basic story, so in this article i wanted to share with you three cures that i with help worked out what worked best for me. All of which are natural candida cures. No nasty medicines and all worked for me and i hope it does the same for you. By doing all three together i feel confident anyone can completely remove candida with in months.

1. ) The first cure for Candida is Diet, first you want to stick to a low sugar fruit and high vege diet. You also want to eat low fat meats or eggs as these are good proteins to help keep you keep strongthreelac a natural candida cure. Another aspect to focus on is Water is great for Candida. So drink plenty of it. Try not to get dehydrated. And lastly keep your diet at a minimum. Try to eat less with candida and you will see improvements in lessoned symptoms. Feed the candida less and hense kill more candida bacteria.

2. ) The second concept i want to share is regular exercise. I dont mean excessive but i mean consistent. Exercise is great for strengthening the immune system and for reducing allergy reactions. This is needed for allergy candida sufferers. I recommend a light 20 minute jog to start with and then build from that as you get more fit.

3. ) The third aspect is natural medicine and my recommended pics are fresh young coconuts, Threelac ("works wonders, Threelac allowed me to drink wine again which is a big no no for candida sufferers. Threelac works.."), acidophilus supplements or probiotics, garlic, chilli, ginger and peppermint tea.

My top two pics of all for natural medicine being Probiotics and Threelac. Threelac is one not to ignore, for anyone not being able to deal with the situation threelac gets you back in control because it contains stomach proof live bacteria like probiotics but can survive the harhness of the stomach.