The indoor tanning industry is constantly growing. This is really incredible when you think about the amount of negative press that tanning has received in recent years. Despite all the evidence linking tanning to skin cancer, though, people want to be golden. I'm not a doctor or a health care professional so I hesitate to comment on the risks and benefits that come with tanning. There is a ton of great info online about these topics and I encourage all of you to seek it out. This article, though, is for men and women are interested in buying used tanning beds.

The main reason for choosing a used bed over a new one is obvious - cost. New sunbeds are really expensive. Used ones, on the other hand, are quite affordable. So whether you're looking to buy several units to open your own tanning salon or a single sunbed for home use, here are three great places to buy a used tanning bed.

Directly From A Salon

This is my favorite place to find good deals on used tanning beds. Tanning salons are fairly transient businesses. They are constantly opening and closing. This is due to the fact that people getting into this business often find that it's a bit too much work. If you're in the market for a bed or two, keep an eye on these salons. When one of them shuts down, chances are they'll be an inventory blowout deal. Make the owner a reasonable offer and they'll probably be happy to sell you a tanning bed or two.

This option also lets you see the product you're going to buy. Commercial tanning beds take a lot of abuse and it's important that you make sure you're getting a bed that's in decent shape. In most cases, the seller will even let you try out the bed before you buy it. If you're going to go this route, make sure you get a few things from the previous owner including warranty info and the number of hours on the sunbed.

Ebay Or Craigslist

You can also buy used tanning beds online. More and more people are going with this method for several reasons. The most obvious one is variety. There are a lot of different sellers offering a lot of different beds online. Sites like Ebay and Craigslist are great because they allow sellers and buyers to connect without a middleman. If you're going to buy something this expensive online, research is obviously key. You better know what you're looking for in a sunbed when you buy online.

If you buy from Ebay, make sure you check out the seller's rating. Read a bit of feedback from other buyer's and make sure it's positive. Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions either. Anyone worth doing business with will gladly answer your questions.

Used Tanning Bed Websites

The third place to buy used sunbeds is also found in the virtual world. I'm talking, of course, about sites dedicated to the sale of tanning beds. These sites are OK because they usually have a pretty good selection. Note that some of these sites work strictly on commission. They don't actually store any products. They simply act as a sort of consignment store that connects buyers to sellers for a percentage of the sale...

If you're going to buy something off one of these sites, do a bit of research. While you won't find seller ratings like you would with Ebay, there are other ways to investigate sellers. Get on some tanning forums and ask about a website retailer you've recently found. Chances are someone online has experience with them.

Buying used tanning beds can be a fairly involved process. It's important to do a lot of research before making any decision. Don't rush it! Have a bit of patience and it won't be long before you're the proud owner of a sunbed.