Surfing and Hawaii go together like skiing and Colorado. Here are three surfing schools that can get you up to speed in no time and allow you to take home a priceless memory. If you're vacationing in Oahu or, perhaps thinking of moving and happen to be there looking for Oahu real estate, take a timeout and enjoy this wonderful sport. Where you choose to live on the island won't affect your surfing as there are many great beaches to take off from. Your Oahu realtor, while showing you Oahu homes for sale, can also point out nearby favorite beaches.

Hawaiian Fire
Now, when you think of Hawaiian fire, you think of luaus and fire dancers, however this surf school is actually run by genuine Hawaiian firemen and firewomen. If they can be trusted to protect people's lives and Oahu real estate, you know you're in good hands. There're about a mile and a half south of the University of Hawaii, and literally across the street from the Ala Wai Golf Course. They use foam boards, which are easier on the body. Before you even enter the water they have a water safety and surf technique class. You're provided with rash guards and reefwalkers, so if you eat it on a wave, you won't get too scraped up by coral or lava rock. They are good about getting you to uncrowded beaches, sometimes you have the beach to yourself. The student/teacher ratio is good enough that you don't have to wait long for a free instructor. They take pictures of you and show you a slide-show at the end. There's also the option of buying pictures of yourself hanging ten. Check on this outfit, you'll see they get a lot of positive reviews.
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Girls Who Surf
Despite the name, rumor has it that there has been a male instructor spotted every once and a while. This school is known for the friendliness of its staff and the attention they give to safety out in the water. Creating a positive experience for their students is a priority for them. They are located near the Ward Avenue shopping district, which is a great place to shop after a day of looking at Oahu homes for sale with your Oahu realtor. Hawaii is known for its beaches and this school is located near some good ones, which means you don't waste a lot of time traveling. They also offer pickup service if you wish. They find good beaches nearby so you don't have to spend a lot of time traveling to and back. They have a good assortment of loaner gear (for which they don't charge extra). You can stash your valuables in their vehicle, which really gives you peace of mind about finding your keys and valuables afterward.

Sunset Suratt Surf School
Bryan Suratt has his surf school on the North Shore, where the waves are rumored to be better and the scenery more beautiful. It's about a 45 minute drive northwest of Honolulu. He is known for his family friendly atmosphere and is forgiving if you're a bit out of shape. "Uncle Bryan" is a history lesson, a surfing lesson, and fun guy to spend a few hours with - a true Hawaiian legend.

He sometimes hands out signed posters from the latest surf competition after a surf lesson. His training has been complemented for teaching more in depth the mechanics of catching a wave, whether waiting for the wave to break, or catching the curl. There are some beautiful Oahu homes for sale along Waialua Bay. Your Oahu realtor can help find your ideal piece of Oahu real estate, whether beachfront, or inland near the Pupukea-Paumalu Forest Reserve.