Sunset Nanakuli BeachCredit: Ken Muise

One of the most attractive things about Oahu since I’ve been here is the ability to catch some of the most gorgeous sunsets of anywhere in the world.   The sight of the sun dropping below the horizon of ocean and that trail of intense light that ripples in a line on the water is awesome.  The views on Oahu of the sun setting are unhindered in many places.  I’m going to point out my 3 favorite spots in this article.

Unfortunately, none of the options that I’m going to give you in this article include the world famous “Sunset Beach” on the northwestern shore of Oahu.

Why I'm NOT Picking Sunset Beach as a Sunset Location on Oahu:

  • Tourists and crowds are everywhere.  I’m not talking down on people who are on vacation and want to see a Hawaiian sunset.  I’m just saying that sunsets should be romantic and NOT crowded. 
  • The drive from Waikiki to Sunset Beach and other locations on the North Shore is long.  It will usually take more than an hour and half to get there.

My Top Spots for Seeing the Sunset on Oahu

Ka'ena Point

Sunset kaena pointCredit: Ken Muise


This is a little tricky.  Ka'ena Point is the westernmost spot on Oahu and that makes it a great place to watch the sunset.  The tricky part is getting to the actual point prior to the sun goes down.  You can hike the 2.4 miles from the trail head to the actual point itself in a little under an hour if you really stepping lively.  It’s an open trail and it will be hot still even that late in the day with the sun falling so bring water.

Once you get near the end you’ll go through a gated area which is a wildlife sanctuary for albatross, other Hawaiian sea birds, and monk seals.  Try NOT to enjoy the sunset at this spot on Oahu. 

Warning:  It’s open-ocean on Ka'ena Point.  Don’t try to swim after dark or even during the day there. 

Warning:  Don’t touch or mess with or approach the monk seals (if there are any at that time) or the albatross.  Don’t disturb the nesting birds.  They are protected species and/or endangered.

Ka'ena Point Trail

Ko'Olina Lagoons

Koolina Sunset 2Credit: Ken Muise

While Kaena Point is a rugged sunset venue with open-ocean and rocky coastline, Ko’Olina is the refined view, if you do it right.  There are open spots to eat and catch a cocktail or two at Ko’Olina, namely the JW Marriott Hotel.  Enjoy cocktails with the honey or friends as the sun goes down.  

Ko'Olina Lagoons

Nanakuli Beach Park

Sunset Nanakuli Beach 2Credit: Ken Muise

People on Oahu might call me ridiculous for this one, but I disagree.  Just pass the Ko’Olina exit on the Farrington Highway (Hwy 93) is a line of beaches that includes Electric Beach and Nanakuli Beach.  These are both great places to watch the sunset on Oahu.  Sure, if you’re facing the water at either of these locations the sun is going to set to your right.  However, here’s a keen idea, just turn to your right and plop down and watch the sunset . (It’s that easy.)  The view is unfettered.

Nanakuli Beach