How do you get abs?

If you're anything like the rest of us, you've often asked youreslf, how do I get six pack abs? Plenty of late-night infomercials have promised to make your stomach muscles pop with any number of gimmicks. Unlike the human mind there are few similar tricks your body will fall for before it starts showing the kind of definition you're in search of. If you want to achieve great things, including great abs, you've got to get your hands dirty, don't be afraid to sweat and have fun. That's right, I said fun in the same sentence as great abs. 


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This doesn't need to be the struggle for a new life you imagine it is, and using just one of the three tips below isn't going to be an all encompassing solution to your possible girth troubles. So are you ready to find out how to chisle away at whatever particular marble you're beginning with to find the inner David or Athena below? Then let's get to it!

1. Assess What Kind of Shape You're In, and Be Realistic

If the last time you found yourself on a treadmill was more to the tune of years rather than months or weeks, these methods can still work for you, but you're going to have to put in a little more work.

Now that we've got that out of the way, we can focus on the real assessment: what are your skills, and where do you sometimes find yourself slipping up as far as fitness is concerned? If you're more of a cardio-lover, that's great, latch on to that!

Studies have shown that with consistent cardio-vascular heavy activity for thirty to sixty minutes a day can yield those washboard abs you've always been longing for

2. Shake Up Your Workouts

Many six pack abs workouts involve repetitious, singular movements which we've leaned isn't showing the kind of results fitness enthusiasts have hoped for. By keeping movements smooth, yet dynamic, you're sure to keep your body guessing, avoiding that pesky "plateau effect." This is when your body is brought to the height of its fitness under a certain regiment, and will not progress past that point unless activities are varied.Workouts the best workoutCredit:

Seek out as many sources of information as possible, and don't listen when they tell you "this is the one true method" or anything else along those lines. There are more than one ways to fry an egg, and there had better be more than one exercise regiment you're implementing otherwise you're headed for plateau city. There are many effective workout plans that responsibly include this principal and thereby grant you the kind of results you're definitely looking for! With enough persistence you'll catch you own eye in the mirror, in disbelief of your own progress. 

3. Vary Your Diet as Well as Exercises

Depending on the time of year this can be an especially challenging mountain to hurdle over. Between the holidays, birthdays, work related get-togethers, and so on, it can be downright impossible to avoid those pesky unnecessary temptations. The occasional cookie here, extra piece of cake there, and a few spareribs later you're in spare tire city.Fitness exercise ab workoutsCredit:

It's much easier to change your diet by changing the way you think about dieting. Dieting for any part of the body, not just your abs should be about replacing bad foods with good. This way you're telling yourself "Yes" to things you know you should eat, and focusing on that YES rather than "No, you shouldn't eat that pint of delicious hippie ice cream."

We respond much more to positive messages than negative ones. Remember Inception? Their plot to implant an idea into the mid of a billionaire energy heir had to be done with a positive message, and this is the reason.

Of course there are plenty more methods for slimming down your waisteline, but most of them all come back to one or all of these basics. With a little planning, and elbow grease you'll be the envy of every hard beach bodied sunbather in sight, whether its for summertime upkeep or an emergency vacation tune-up, you're covered!