Not everyone may wish to speak in public. Let's face it, it takes a lot of strength to survive standing face to face with the audience. No matter what you might think though, all of us will have to do it at some stage of our lives.
It may be as simple as a social occasion speech. It may as well be a big presentation to an important prospect. A sales call, your child's school play or a long, distant relative's funeral are other examples. No matter what it might be though, you will eventually have to go in front of an audience and speak.
I know for a fact that 90% of people would feel intimidated even by a thought of speaking in public. The truth is though; public speaking is a skill you can learn. It's not something you have to be born with. . You can become a great public speaker and it is even not difficult to do. .
Let's start by finding out what makes a good speaker. Want to know the three main qualities of a good speaker? Read below then.
1. Delight in the topic
Passion is like laughter, it's contagious. Speaking in a monotonous voice at a steady pace will not capture anyone in the audience. Show your obsession with the subject and the audience is yours.
2. Humour
Humour makes all the difference in a presentation. It makes people relax but also listen at the same time. It also makes people remember things. A funny story that ends in a burst of laughter from the audience has more chances to be remembered than one ending with silence.
But be careful what humour you include in your speech. Maybe instead of jokes, try a funny story or an anecdote. Remember that you are there to make your listeners laugh, not offend.
3. Ability to include dynamics in the speech
With a bit of drama and theatre you can be sure that everyone will listen. No matter how short or long your presentation is, you need to keep your audience focused. Gestures are also a great way to highlight an important part of the message.
What if you can't make yourself to go in front of an audience though? .What if your legs tremble, your voice breaks and you breath heavily only at a slightest thought of speaking in public? As I mentioned earlier, public speaking is not something you have to be born with. You can overcome your fear of public speaking easily by practicing and following simple rules. What rules I hear you saying? It is exactly what my next article will be about.