Have you ever gone fishing? Have you ever bought a good quality rod and reel, and then just used worms?

Yes this article is about car insurance. I just wanted to make an analogy. If you own a car, you know that they are not cheap, even a low-priced vehicle still has maintenance costs. You spend all this money just to be able to drive from place to place. You buy insurance to protect your wallet, your bank account, your retirement, and even your future earnings.

Cheap auto insurance companies (I won't mention names, but they are the ones that you call, or email but never get to see anyone face to face) will sell you anything that fits into your budget. They don't care what kind of protection you get. They just look at the big dollar sign on your forehead. Some insurance companies claim to save you money by eliminating the middle man (an insurance agent). Do you know that the 'middle man' is on your side?

1. No agent No deal.

When it comes to buying insurance, remember the above phrase. You want an agent. You want someone that you can go see when you have a question, or a problem. Do you want to spend your evening on hold? No, you don't. You want answers now, and you can only have that kind of service when you have an insurance agent.

As an insurance producer, I tell all my clients, if an accident happens, call the police, and then call me. I don't have to do that but I, like so many other agents, truly care about my clients. You are not a dollar sign, you are a person and if you get into an accident you are going to want someone there to get your back.

2. Why are you so much cheaper?

Don't ask the company, find out for yourself. Get online and look for independent reviews about the company. Go to ambest.com and look up the company's financial rating, if it's not an 'A' or better they may be more likely to raise your rates within the first 6 months. I talk to a lot of people that say to me, we went with another company and after a few months they nearly doubled our rate! It happens frequently. It's like fishing. The company buys a nice commercial (Rod and reel), baits it with a low price (MMmm. Worms!) and hope that you are like every other fish out there.

3. What happens if I have an accident?

BOOM! BANG! CRUNCH! That's the sound of your car getting smashed. Now you have to call the police, then call your insurance company's help line and sit on hold while they patch your call to another country. It happens, it shouldn't, but hey you saved a little money for this. The officer says, hey buddy this is your fault. You get a ticket, but you know the other guy ran a red light! Eventually your cheap online insurance company sends someone to your home, (who doesn't know you) with a copy of the police report. He says to you, "the police say you're at fault. The other driver is going to sue for $100,000. Unfortunately you only have state minimum coverage so you will likely be responsible for $80,000 of that. But don't worry! If you can't pay it all at once, the court can garnish your wages to make it easier. Have a nice day."

Of course this is only an example, but it happens all the time! Do you want to be the person standing in the door?