One of the down sides things about having nice things like a car and your own home is that you have to maintain them.  Keeping your home, for instance, in working order can be very expensive; maintenance for items like plumbing, central air and heat, etc., does not come cheap.  Traditionally, if you had a home repair issue - e.g., if a pipe burst - you’d call a plumber, who would come out and then tell you that it would cost some exorbitant amount of money to fix the problem.  Fortunately, there is a better alternative to the traditional method of upkeep/maintenance for your home: home warranties.


The concept behind home warranties is very simple, and somewhat akin to insurance:  you purchase a home warranty covering the repair or maintenance of specific items in your home, usually for a term of one year. Should those items eventually need repair, you would then pay only a nominal amount for a service call by a trained professional, who would then fix the problem.  If you’ve never considered home warranties they are an ideal way to cover home maintenance issues, and here’s why:


They are inexpensive - You can usually find a home warranty that will cover all the major items in your home - including plumbing, appliances, what have you - for a few hundred dollars.  Should something go haywire - say, your garage door opener suddenly won’t work, or you spring a leak in the bathroom - you’d pay only for the service call (usually something like $50) and nothing else for the repair.  Not a bad deal, especially when you consider what you’d normally pay a plumber to fix a leak.  After one or two repairs (and you will have that many - or more - each year, the longer you stay in your house) you will be in the black as far as the home warranty policy goes.


The repair work is warrantied - As you would expect if you were paying full price, repair work done under a home warranty usually comes with a warranty of its own.  Thus, repairs to a leaky pipe might come with a 1-year warranty on parts and a 60-day warranty on labor.  In other words, you don’t have to worry about whether the job was done right, because if it wasn’t they will come back out and fix it again for free.


Peace of mind - You know, people don’t think enough of a good night’s sleep, but this would be one less thing for you to fret over. You’d have a home warranty covering repairs to almost anything in your home, so any big repairs will do little damage to your wallet.  That’s the kind of thing that should make you sleep like a baby.


Long story short, a home warranty is just a good idea all the way around.  It’s cheaper than car insurance in most instances, and will be covering what is - for most people - a far more valuable asset.  If you’ve never had a home warranty before you should give it some thought.  You’ll be glad you did.