How old is the idea of using renewable energy ? If you think about Romanians buyilding their houses south-facing, it's over two thousand years old. But all the same even today lots of people don't get the point of using free energy sources instead of fossil fuels. Some don't ever give it a try, simply because they're lacking proper knowledge. In other cases it's inertia and fear of trying something different. There are also people who never get started because they do not know where or how one can actually begin. And others do not try because they don't understand or don't appreciate the possible benefits they can get.

When one really understands the way it operates, all the objections and obstacles quickly become less important. Understanding the importance of renewable energy for whole planet Earth is crucial. Let's examine three good reasons to take advantage of renewable energy.

In the first place, renewable energy systems will save you lots of money just after initial investment was recurred. O.K., clearly your point that renewable energy systems (like solar panels or windmills) are quite expensive is a good observation. But still, we should consider the amount of money that we'll be able to save in all years to come. The long term benefit is really biger than short term disadvantage.

Another important point - these systems don't emit anything toxic. Also, you feel better with yourself knowing you work on eco-friendly electricity. And additionally you help to save natural resources of the Earth. That's not only 'trendy' nowadays, but it really helps our whole planet Earth.

Finally, if you utilize such free energy generator systems you're independent from electricity consortia. This gves you the advantage of feeling free and safe. If they rise electricity prices it's not going to affect you. And again, you gain good feelings about yourself, as you're 100% independent!

Now, think about those three factors. If you use renewable energy, wouldn't you enjoy some of those benefits? Wouldn't you want to enjoy some them? More and more people discovers them to be irresistible. Maybe someday you also will them as important too.