If you love to walk the trails and paths in parks but tend to hibernate in the winter, then you should try snow shoes this winter.

Before you hit the back button with visions of whopping big wide leather laced contraptions, you have to check the ultra-modern version of snow shoes that are on the market today.

As a “non-winter” lover myself, I was very skeptical about trying these out.  My kids were after me to “embrace” winter by getting out and enjoying it more.  I am not a winter sports fan, don’t ski to save my life and other than a few tumbles down a hill with the kids when they were little on toboggans, I prefer to watch from inside.

The trouble is I love to walk, and in the other 3 seasons, I actually get limber and into shape, but in the winter my efforts tend to slide backwards.  Even going to the gym just doesn’t make up for my walking the trails, parks and pathways around my city that I do the rest of the year.Try Snow Shoes This WinterCredit: Amazon.com

So, I am not sure what changed my mind, other than “mum you are going to love them” or “we are all going outside and leaving you here” so, I thought I would give them a try.

MSR Evo Snow Shoes (22-Inch, Navy)

I was hooked after the first few steps, and now every winter I dust them off and out I go.  Remember I am not a skier, or a runner or any kind of sports fiend, but I love to walk, and I have to admit these made walking easier in the winter.

When I first set eyes on them, I wasn’t sure how these were going to get me loving the winter.  They were not anything really to look at.  But I had seen other people wearing them, and even seniors, so I figured if the seniors could do it, then so could I!

So, here are 3 great reasons to try snow shoes this winter.

1.  Good Footing – The first thing I noticed is that they grip the trail or path even with some ice.  I used to simply trudge through some paths with my winter boots, but still would slip here and there and usually end up on my rear.

Snow Shoes have good ice and snow blades on the bottom that will grip and help you keep your footing.  This alone is a great reason to get out and try them this winter; it will give you confidence on the trails and walking paths and got rid of my fear of slipping.

2.  Fit on Your Boots – You can go all out and get special boots as well as the snow shoes, but I just wanted something that would not be a big fuss, or I simply would not do it, if it took all kinds of time and special equipment. 

I got a good quality pair that fit right over my winter boots.  I keep them out by the back door, and they are ready for me to use.  You can get walking sticks to go with them, or use ski poles, but personally I found I didn’t need them at all.  I simply put the shoes on over my boots and off I went for a walk in the fields.  I actually almost forgot I had them on by the time I got back to my house.  The bindings are easy to unclip and they are user friendly.

3.  Slim, Sleek and Start New Trails – These modern styled snow shoes are not wide, you don’t have to walk funny or trip over yourself.  You will get used to them quite quickly, and they are perfect for trails that have not seen much foot traffic.

You will blaze through making the trails as you go without that tired trudging you would get from simply walking in your snow boots.

They are lightweight, easy to use, easy to put on, and now no excuse for staying inside this winter.

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