If your Spring Break holiday is coming soon, and you're not sure what exactly to do or possibly which place to go, here I propose three excellent places you have to consider.


State park on the beach
Certainly not all people in college would like to get sloppy drunk for each day of Spring Break. If you're looking to find a more casual getaway that still involves visiting the coast, look into state parks next to the beach. My family members and I would travel to a beach cabin at Grayton Beach State Park in the north of Florida a while back, and it wasn't just more affordable compared to a regular hotel room, it was far more calming and relaxing, and the coast was clean and tranquil. If you are unable to spend lots of money on tons of alcohol and very expensive hotel accommodations, take into account this alternative. And if the temperature allows it once you're on break, you also have the option of camping outdoors near the beach.


The Pacific Crest or Appalachian Trail
These trails go through the most picturesque geographical areas in the country. If you're closer to the west coast, backpack the Pacific Crest Trail, and if perhaps you're close to the eastern coast, go for a hike on the fabled Appalachian Trail. The distance you hike and duration are totally personalizable, so be creative, and go wander through mother nature (it's hard to spend some time in it during the semester).


Las Vegas, Biloxi, or Atlantic City
If you're old enough, taking a trip to a casino is actually an awesome experience. Playing slots get old quickly, but there exists an exciting buzz in casinos, and generally the hotel rooms are surprisingly affordable and the food is unbelievably tasty. Don't even get me started on all of the casino buffets! You can enjoy some thrilling entertainment, maybe seeing a magician or even a rock star (Slash from Guns N' Roses was performing at a Biloxi casino when my dad and I drove through two summers ago, who would've imagined). Spending a few nights at a casino is a surprisingly enjoyable experience.


There you go, three unique recommendations for your upcoming Spring Break. Remember to be safe, and have fun. As I consistently preach, ensure that you travel with the right people. Your travel companions make the experience, so pick wisely.