Has your supervisor or even a co-worker harassed you? Are you subjected to hostility because you turned down their sexual advances and offers? If you are, then you can file a complaint and recover lost wages that resulted from it.

Having a hostile work environment will definitely affect the worker's productivity and creativity which may also reflect on his salary and benefits. Also, if a supervisor or the employer himself is the harasser, the victim will surely be treated unfairly and given lesser promotion opportunities as compared to other workers.

For these reasons, it is important to know the steps on how to put a stop on these behaviors.

  • The first step would be to classify the unruly behavior as harassment. The complainant must first make sure if the act that he was subjected to can be classified as harassment. Understand that if your claim is invalid, then, you are wasting a good opportunity of proving the harasser's unruly behavior as the company may be hesitant to entertain your more valid claims in the future.
  • Keep a record of the harassment. It would be best to have a record of when and where the acts of harassment occurred and who witnessed it. This way, you can speed up the investigation of the company as they can focus on certain dates of the alleged harassment and the possible witnesses to interview. Other evidence such as audio or visual recordings of the incident is also beneficial to your claims.
  • File a complaint with the concerned department or personnel. Once you are sure that the other person's behavior does in fact constitute sexual harassment, then, you can tell your supervisor about it and file a complaint with the concerned personnel. The company should investigate your claims and punish the offending party transferring him to another department or by suspension.

After filing your complaint, you must follow up and get updates on what is being done about it. If you feel that your complaint is being taken for granted or the company condones the harassment, then maybe, it is time for you to consult with a lawyer.

An employment attorney can assess your case and determine whether you have been subjected to harassment and your company did nothing about it. If this is the case then the company may be named as one of the defendant even if the employer never directly harassed you.

For more information, consult an employment law attorney.