I have watched a lot of movies during my life-time, and I am sure I’m not the only one. I was particularly fascinated by the Marvel Comics universe, where major villains like Magnet, Doctor Doom and the Juggernaut have actually managed to become more popular than the other heroes in the stories? Why is that? Super Villains like Darth Vader and the charismatic Loki from the Avengers have actually managed to win the hearts of the audience.

As it turns out, most people seem to relate to their insufferable yet fascinating personalities, and more often than not they find themselves cheering for their victories. May it be good looks, personal struggles or great acting, we do not know, what we do know is that most movie lovers are attracted to them, and they actually want to see or read stories that are focused on their story. To be honest there is nothing wrong with rooting for the bad-guy (I hope), as paradoxical as it may seem, so let’s take a look at the three most beloved bad guys from the most popular movies and TV series. 

Marvel Super Villains

1. The Joker (Heath Ledger)

Sure, he is a maniacal serial killer and mastermind that does everything in his power to terrorize Gotham City and poor old Batman, but there is something incredibly adorable about his personality. I have actually seen photos of him plastered on many social media networks like Pinterest or Facebook. This just goes to prove that he is a popular character among many Batman fans. As a matter of fact, the Joker is characterized as being a “psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy”, so why in the world would anyone like him?

Although he has been known to lie on numerous occasions when he was asked about his past, I believe that the story about an abusive and alcoholic father is true. That Glasgow smile is actually a sign of an earlier struggle in his life. May it be that the audience relates to the twisted fate that has made the Joker in the cynical criminal that he is today? We will probably never know, but this doesn’t stop us from supporting him. The Joker has left an unmistakable mark on the Batman series, a movie which will probably go down in history, along with the 100 Best Movies of all Time.

Quintessential Quote:  “Let’s put a smile on that face!” 

The Joker

2. Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance)

Game of Thrones is undoubtedly the most popular TV Series of the years. I can’t remember the last time that people became so excited about a new episode, nor can I remember the last time that I have watched such a well put together story. The characters in Game of Thrones are delicious and unique; the relations between them are so complex that you sometimes wonder which side is actually the right one. This is exactly what happened to Tywin Lannister, Lord of Castelry Rock, Shield of Lannisport head of the Lannisters and some other titles I can’t remember.

To be honest, it is not the noble titles that make this extremely attractive and vigorous man who he is, but rather his strength of character. He has all the qualities of an ultimate archenemy that you would never want to fight head on: he is intelligent, politically astute, calculated, dedicated and a family man that is both feared and respected. He may be considered a bad guy by the Stark and Khaleesi supporters, but even they cannot help but love him.

Quintessential Quote: “When your enemies defy you, you must serve them steel and fire. When they go to their knees, however, you must help them back to their feet. Elsewise no man will ever bend the knee to you. And any man who must say ‘I am the king’ is no true king at all. When I’ve won your war for you, we will restore the king’s peace and the king’s justice.”

Twyin Lannister

3.Loki (Tom Hiddleston)

The imminent release of Thor: The Dark World has once again shifted focus to the productions of Marvel Studios. For the number three contender I am pretty sure I am a little subjective, because I truly believe that Tom Hiddleston is a brilliant actor, and nobody could have played the part of Loki better than he has. He has managed to perfectly portray the personality of Loki that is related in the ancient Viking tales. Tom Hiddleston himself has talked about the role of Loki in an older interview:

..So it’s a journey of self-awareness. He (Loki) doesn’t, at the beginning of the film, know his own power and I think through the course of the film he comes to learn his true nature and the extent of his power. But with a propensity for mischief I think as soon as he knows how powerful it is that’s when it becomes dangerous.”

For a God, Loki is painfully human, he makes mistakes, he learns, and even if he is set on taking over the world, fans have found a way to forgive him. Tom Hiddleston’s impervious smile and brilliant acting have managed to encapsulate the playful nature of the God of mischief.

Quintessential Quote: I am Loki, of Asgard. And I am burdened with glorious purpose.