It doesn’t take much to make some one hate a bug with the name “stink bug”, but believe it or not there is actually a lot about this bug that can make you hate it much more than just its name.  Stink bugs can be a pest and a nuisance for both gardens and households and its important you know what to expect so you can better prepare yourself for any potential stink bug invasions you may come across.  This short article will go over the things you need to know about the stink bug so you can better educate yourself on the insect for future needs.

First off, the stink bug does smell horrible.  If you get close to it and try to catch it you may learn this lesson the hard way because stink bus usually spray their nasty foul smelling odor on you if you provoke it or if it feels threatened.  People say the horrible stench smells very similar to rotting trash or burning rubber (yuk).  Surprisingly the odor will not go away very quickly and can stay on your hand (or inside your house) for quite a while.  Plus this goes without saying that their nasty spray has an irritant in it and if sprayed in the eyes it can cause temporary blindness and can burn your skin.

Secondly, stink bugs can and will destroy your plants.  Don’t’ let anyone tell you that stink bus are beneficial for gardens, because they eat plants sap and kill new plant growth.  They also lay their eggs underneath plant leaves to produce an even greater stink bug problem in your garden.

The third thing about stink bugs that you don’t’ want to know is that they love to invade people’s houses.  Stink bugs are an insect and because of that they cannot control their body temperature very well.  So if they get cold they will seek outplaces to keep them warm.  Unfortunately this includes your house and home.  Stink bugs are fairly small insects so they will easily find and invade your home through the smallest cracks you didn’t’ even think it was possible for them to fit through.  Plus they also invade attics through the vents that lead from your attic to the outside of your home.

Hopefully this article will give you the information you need to know about stinkbugs.  Feel free to take this information and use it to your benefit if you start seeing stink bugs appear around your house.