I’ve been married now for five glorious years to a dear sweet man.  He is everything that I am not!  I feel that this dichotomy has resulted in the emergence of a new person - a new me!   This is what I’ve learned so far.

#1 How to Relax My Mind

I never realized how much I worried until I married someone who doesn’t!  It’s so freeing to live this way.  My whole life has been a never ending series of obsessions.  What will I do if this or that happens?  I loved conjuring up every possible negative scenario.  I sincerely believed that this way of thinking made me better prepared for the horrors of life that I was certain were waiting for me around every corner..  Peace of mind now ensues whenever I hear my husband’s calm and loving voice say these simple little words – if it happens we’ll deal with it. 

#2 How To Enjoy This Moment

How I love to plan.  I’ve had my wedding planned since I was 14 years old  I’ve always known where I wanted to be, what I wanted to do and how I was going to get there.  I’ve carried around multiple lists illustrating the feverish activity ever present in my mind.  My dear husband lives in the now and responds with a glazed expression whenever I begin to chatter on and on about a future that may never be.  He keeps me securely grounded in the present and I’ve finally begun to experience the pleasures of the now.

#3 Cherish the Small Things

As a single girl, my romantic dreams always led me to visions of moonlit strolls in Paris and gondola rides in Venice.  In my dreams, romantic music would fill every room that my love and I entered and we’d remain in an eternal state of bliss.   The reality is that life is busy and it’s really challenging to fit such romantic scenes in real life.  But my husband in his simple way has found a way to do just that.  We may be tired and yes even a little stinky after a long day of work.  Yet at these moments, when I’m looking and feeling my worse, he chooses to put on an old song, take my hand and ask for dance.  We may be swaying in our living room but in my heart it feels like Paris dreams do come true.

My husband has inspired changes in me that I never dreamed were possible.  Change is a wonderful thing when it produces something beautiful.  I can’t wait to see what additional lessons are awaiting me. 

Has your family life taught you any lessons that you’d care to share?