On average, men have to deal with a lot pressure.  Many times, it’s in the form of expectations:  men are expected to know about sports (football in particular), be experts on cars, be familiar with guns, etc.  They are expected to be the breadwinners at home, to take care of their families, to make the hard decisions, and so on.  In short, there are a lot of demands that come just from being born on the masculine side of the gender equation.

 Tools(79036)Credit: Amazon.comThat said, it’s not always possible for men to realistically comply or conform with everything society demands of them.  In general, you can’t be an expert in all these areas, have these wide-ranging skill sets or this all-encompassing knowledge base.  And when men fall short in some area of masculinity, it can make them feel less manly than they truly are.  With that in mind, it occurred to me that there are certain things in life that always help to make a man feel like a man:


A Cool Nickname:  Sometimes, the handle you bear just says everything about you.  For instance, Remington Wadsworth Worthington III just reeks of old money and family-connections - like you’re part of the Boston Brahmin.  Thus, a man should have at least one cool nickname - preferably something hardy and resolute like “Rock” or “Gator” that’s going to make people sit up and pay attention.  Or, even better, if your girlfriend or wife gives you a special moniker - something like “Big Daddy” or “Tiger” - that’s going to make your male cohorts envious.

Tool Kit/Power Tools:  There’s just something about having tools around the house - power tools in particular - that makes men feel competent and capable.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a science geek who can’t tell a screwdriver from a wrench, just having a tool kit adds to your masculine cache.  And you don’t even need a full set - just a couple of things (e.g., a hammer, pliers, cordless screwdriver, etc.) will do the trick.

Asked to Do Things:  One of the other ways in which a man feels like a man, is when he’s asked to do things - preferably by his wife or girlfriend.  I’m not talking about disruptive tasks, like asking him to go to the store for eggs during the middle of the Super Bowl.  I’m talking about things that will make him feel like a man - for instance, asking him to twist the top off a jar for you, or to come kill a spider.  Those are the kinds of chores that he will relish because he gets to assert his masculinity (and on behalf of his woman, at that). 


Needless to say, these are just a couple of the things a man sometimes needs to feel like a man.  They are not a requirement in all cases, but they can certainly add to his own personal feelings of adequacy in terms of meeting the expectations society has placed on him