You'll see these types of personality tests everywhere all over the internet. Whether it's the “What main movie character type am I” test or “What piece of dirt am I?” or “What celebrity type test am I?”

It’s all pure fluff and doesn't have nearly enough questions to cover the infinite awesomeness that's in you.

And not to mention some of them cost way too much money, and it's not always the better ones out there. Or at least not the one that has more detailed research and vetting to them.

Let’s just say some of them are ridiculously out of budget for most of people. We are talking about $175 to $500 per test – okay? Ridiculous!

I want to tell you about something that’s better, but first let me go through to these 3 main points.

3 Reasons I Hate Personality Type Tests

1. They're Too fluffy

I can understand that it’s kind of fun to see which American idol you’re most like or which soprano character you’re most like or whatever.

I understand that and I get that.

Most people that are looking for that are probably looking for entertainment purposes only. However, the number of entertainment based personality test compared to useful, practical, results-based personality test is probably somewhere around 99 to 1.

I don't have the details to back it up but do a quick survey for yourself in a Google search and I think you'll agree my results. 

2. Not Enough Questions

You cannot find your personality or more about yourself in 2 questions, 4 questions, 10 questions, or 20 questions. And I've seen some that are 30 to 40 questions that get close but aren't quite there yet.

I also don’t think you should do a 500 question test, either – it’s too much.

There is a point where the number of questions covers everything you need to know with the right amount of confidence in order to get your type that mostly matches you.

By the way, it seems to be right about this 75 to 80 range for results that are based on approximately 16 personality types.

3. Way Too Much Money

And now about that way too much money point. There are tests out there that cover the Jung types in great detail but aren't tailored to your results.

Sure, they have the right amount of questions though sometimes there’s a little bit too much… something like 100 plus questions on some of them. This is the really popular one, by the way.

You'll know which one that I'm telling you about if your search of them but I'm not going to mention it right here because they are tight on any reference to them. So we won't reference them.

But anyway, they can cost about $175 plus and will require a certified administrator / advisor / translator type person. That certification will also cost them quite a bit of money too. I haven't looked into that process and i don't know how much it costs.

But point being, in order to get the “official version” of the 16 personality type test, you have to fork over quite a bit of cash and it's just not right for everyone.

Hate is Such a Strong Word

So in closing, when you’re out there looking for personality type tests, be strong. I want you to put on the hat of ignoring the fluffy, ignoring the not enough detail and not enough questions, and ignoring the too expensive stuff.

Pay attention to the stuff that is down to earth, practical, useful, has just the right amount of questions, and it's well within your budget.

There are also printable versions out there that have much more detail and allow you to get better insight into your secondary, third, and fourth level personality types. Or however deep you want to go on your personality types and where you fit on the spectrum.

The partner online versions of the Jung test keeps it very clear-cut and simple for people that are just looking for their type and then to get out.

Pick what works best for you and always keep your future growth in mind when it comes to finding your personality type. Oh and don’t be as harsh on those tests out there… they mean well.