The difference between a man and woman when it comes to break ups is that women tend to dance around it for some time while men mean business. If they tell you that a relationship is over, it is 90% irreversible. But for the persistent and strategic, that 10% can make a huge difference in what the fate of the relationship would be. But given the bias, one should already prepare for the challenges that go alongside with how to get an ex boyfriend back. To get some idea of what it entails to get him back, here are some scenarios that you yourself might take part of.

1. Reassess your whole approach and outlook to the relationship. Were there things you said and did that pushed your ex away? You have to be honest to yourself about what went on for all those years and months you were together. Because ultimately, when men break up with women, the reason is just not one argument – it’s the whole experience. So if you want to get your ex back, you have to find out what provoked him to walk away and endeavor to change that.

2. Make yourself look good all the time. After all, men are initially drawn to pretty women. Now being pretty takes a lot of hard work. You have to commit to keeping your body toned, your skin healthy and ageless, and your hair smooth and well-maintained. You have to mind your clothing to and match them with your preferences. That means, you will have to sacrifice a part of your own taste to accommodate his wishes. On top of that you will have to dedicate a lot of time and money to keeping things as is so he does not change his mind about you physically after.

3. Be the person he fell in love with again. Part of how to get an ex boyfriend back is to halt changes in your life and revert back to who were early in the relationship. See, day-to-day experiences can easily transform our perception, goals and opinions. And as we move forward, we unknowingly become strangers to our past – different people. Whether for good or for bad, it is a question only those around us can answer. Separating from you could mean that you have completely strayed from the kind of woman your ex needed and wanted. If you want and need him, you have to give up who you are for the moment, and become the person that made him happy.

If you are willing to go through these things to get him back, then you’d be fine. But again, you have to consider the ratio. At 9:1, you have to go big on your first attempt or go home. No man is going to give you the time if you don’t make it worthwhile.