So, you've decided to look for a Chinese wife. Hopefully you've signed up to one of the Chinese dating sites like Chnlove, Chinese Love Links or China Love Match. What next?

It's very easy to get overwhelmed when you first start looking for a Chinese wife. I know that when I first registered with Chnlove I was astounded to see there were over 8000 ladies profiles on the site!

How on Earth do you get started? Here's my top three tips!

Pick a Location

China is a vast country, and if you want to actually visit ladies then you need to make a plan. Take a look at a travel website like Expedia and see what flights you can find from your local area to China. You really need to find a lady who isn't too difficult for you to visit.

Most countries have flights to Beijing or Shanghai. I'm not sure these are the best cities to find Chinese brides though. If you can find flights to smaller cities like Guangzhou, Wuhan or Changsha, then so much the better. Otherwise many cities have connecting flights from Beijing. Don't forget Hong Kong as well - this is a modern airport with some good connections into China.

My top tip is to decide on a city you want to visit, then just look for ladies in that city. The best cities for Western men to visit in their search for Chinese brides are Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Wuhan and Changsha.

Pick an Age

Set the age range you're looking for a Chinese wife, and ignore any girls who aren't in your specified age range. The youngest girl you date should be half your age plus seven years. This calculation has suited me well.

By all means stretch things by one or two years if you want, but younger girls are more risky to date. If you're in your 50's or 60's and want an ultra-young Asian bride, then Thailand or the Philippines is a much better option.

By the way, whatever your age, be wary of the younger girls. Really 24 or younger is too young, and you need to be suspicious of such young girls seeking Western husbands (particularly much older men). You know what? 28 is a good age. Ladies over the age of 30 can be good, but it's kind of hard to screen out all the Bridget Jones types seeking Mr Right and Mr Perfect.

Screen Out Scam Ladies

Sadly scammers are quite common on Chinese dating sites, so this is the third thing you need to learn to do.

On Chnlove the biggest risk is fake ladies. Before getting too involved with a lady insist on a webcam session so you can check she really does exist! If you can't get a webcam session out of her then proceed with huge caution. Yes, I know men who have talked to Chnlove ladies who don't seem to be real.

On sites like China Love Match, Chinese Kisses and Chinese Love Links there are plenty of scam ladies. First ladies to ignore are any without photos in their profile. After that, ditch any ladies who email you who aren't in your age range of in the location you're specifically looking. Be wary of ladies who send you their email address in the first email, as well as those who suggest you look at their profile on another dating site.

Another big rule - don't talk to ladies who ask you for money!

Happy online dating!