Are you having problems keeping your kids away from the TV, computer, Wii or Xbox? Apart from the fact that these things do not constitute a healthy lifestyle for your kids, excessive use of electronics is also hard on parents in the sense that they can add up to as much as £100 on your monthly electric bills! If your traditional rules on curfew and limited use of electronics are being blatantly ignored by your children, here are some effective things you can teach your kids that will make them want to save electricity voluntarily:

Computer Gaming Hurts Your Eyes

Kids would definitely hate computer gaming (or at least minimize such an activity as much as they can) if they learn that computer gaming hurts their eyes. Apart from the condition called “optical overload” where the eyes cannot follow the movement of the characters in a computer game (which results in nausea and/or vomiting), hours on a computer have been proven to lead to compromised eyesight. Your children will absolutely hate the thought of wearing spectacles at an early age, so mention this small fact to them and they will definitely ban or minimize computer gaming in their lives.

Watching TV Can Cause Death

While not exactly accurate, watching TV can actually cause death if a person stays too still in one position while watching TV. There is one case in the United States where a teenager died of an embolism because he stayed glued to the TV for seven straight days! The lack of movement can cause air bubbles located in the blood to collect in one place (usually at the heart or brain), causing a “system malfunction” that can either lead to severe paralysis or death. Advise your children to watch TV for at most 2 hours every day, and encourage them to spend their recreational time on more fulfilling things such as engaging in sports or interesting hobbies.

The Story of Xbox and Paralysis

A fourteen year-old Japanese student was rushed to the emergency room two years ago after playing with his Xbox for two days without eating and sleeping. The boy complained to his mother that he suddenly felt numbness in his arms and legs, and soon he was rendered immobile. The cause: his neck wasn’t able to handle the stress of playing the Xbox while crouched on the floor in a fixed position for forty-eight hours. The result: two cervical bones collapsed and a piece of cartilage pressed against his spinal cord. Two millimetres more and he would have died. Today, the boy although fully recovered has lost his interest in Xbox and now plays soccer, to the amazement of his family and friends.

Teach your kids the fact that there is more to life than those high-tech gadgets. Aside from letting them experience life more, you also get to save electricity and a few extra pounds. Do not forbid your kids from enjoying these gadgets as they are part of modern-day living. But be a responsible parent enough to remind them that everything is best when treated and enjoyed in moderation.