Simply slathering your mother's long-trusted brand of cold cream on your face is not the greatest way to care for your skin. This is especially true for the sensitive skin around the eyes, which is far more prone to showing signs of wear and tear than other areas of the face where the dermis is more resilient. Choosing a good eye makeup remover is therefore vital. Unlike other skin moisturizers, these products are specially formulated to be gentle enough to address this delicate region, while being effective enough to strip away liners, shadows and even remnants of false eyelash glue when necessary. Following are three things that an eye makeup remover should not do.

Scent Your Skin

One of the most common features of well-known and trusted cold creams is their fragrances. Many of these formulas have remained the same throughout the decades even though they were created during a time when women's skin care was more focused on having a feminine fragrance than it was on providing the skin with all-natural sources of nutrients and moisture. Thus, the best removal products for your sensitive eye skin will be absolutely fragrance free. This will eliminate the likelihood of your having reactions to harsh chemicals that cause this area to puff-up, redden or even swell.

Leave the Top Layer Feeling Dry

Most eye makeup removers are oil-based. Mineral oil is therefore, a common addition to these products. In order to create a more lightweight feel and to avoid clogging the pores, some skin care manufacturers have developed solutions that are entirely oil free. These go on smooth and easy, but can contain ingredients that might be drying to the skin.

You should learn what the active ingredients are and why these are effective at taking makeup off, before you make your selection. You must also learn which oils your skin can tolerate and which they cannot. Some of the best products have absolutely no oils, are not greasy and do not dry the eye area out. This is because they are rich with nutrients like vitamin B5 that helps to restore moisture to the skin.

Irritate Your Eyes

Even with great care, it can still be difficult to avoid getting your eye makeup remover in your eyes. In fact, this is true of all skin moisturizers, especially if you are diligent in moisturizing your entire face. Unfortunately, many skin care manufacturers do not consider the sensitivity of the eyes when formulating their products. Although your first goal is to protect you skin, you also want to find a solution that you can use with ease to fully strip away all of the cosmetic products that are used to enhance the appearance of your eyes.

Ultimately, any product that you are using in this aspect of your skin care should be free of perfumes, dyes, harsh irritants and heavy oils. It should also be approved by both dermatologists and ophthalmologists. This will ensure that it is safe enough for both the skin surrounding the eyes and the eyes themselves.

Three Things Your Eye Makeup Remover Shouldn't Do