Lots of people would absolutely love to lose a few pounds in body weight, so if you fit into this category your first starting point should be deciding on the amount of weight you would like to lose. Once you have a target in you mind, it is going to be much easier to start losing fat. Lots of people start dieting without thinking about what amount of weight they would like to lose. If you have got a large amount of weight to lose, it is always best to start off small. Then when you reach your target, then move onto the next target that you set yourself.

Three Tips To Start Losing Body FatOnce you have your target, it is now time to set a date that you would like to reach this target. A safe weight loss program is around 1 to 2 pounds weight loss every week. So set the date you would like to reach your targeted weight around these amounts. Don't lose any more than this, because it is not only dangerous to your health and well being but the weight you lose will be hard to keep off. Due to rapid weight loss slowing down your metabolic rate considerably.

Tip One to start losing body fat

Adjust your lifestyle, if you drink and smoke. Start cutting back or even better give up these bad habits that are wrecking your health. Look at the foods you eat and ask yourself are they going to allow me to lose weight. Its almost guaranteed they wont, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this article now. To lose fat, takes action get rid of the rubbish foods and replace them with more healthier options. Foods such as lean meats and fish for protein, wholemeal bread and brown rice for carbohydrates and salmon and mackerel for healthy fats.

Tip Two to start losing body fat

To maximize your fat loss, start an exercise program. Not only will this speed up your fat loss results, but it will help you to get fitter and feel better about yourself. If you are just getting back into exercise, remember to take it easy at first and build it up slowly every week. If you don't know were to start when it comes to exercise, the Internet is full of information regarding exercise programs designed to lose fat. Just find a program that will suit you and your level of fitness.

Tip Three to start losing body fat

Measure your progress using body fat scales, by weighing yourself once a week on this type of bathroom scale you will quickly be able to calculate if the weight you are losing is fat and not lean muscle mass. Body fat percentage measurement is much more important that a body weight measurement, this is because you can still be carrying a dangerous amount of body fat even when the standard scales are saying you are at an healthy weight. Body fat scales will be one of the best tools you can own when trying to lose body fat, for even more accurate body fat measurements combine them with taking skin fold measurement with body fat calipers. These calipers are quick and easy to use and cost less than ten dollars to buy.

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