Finding someone to love you is easy. Preventing that same person from straying, however, is a completely different story. That's because it's easy to drift apart if you aren't constantly putting effort into making your relationship fun for both parties.  The good news is that you can do things that will help keep your relationship strong over the long term.  Try following a few of these tips to keep you and your partner interested!

Look at Your Partner Through Rose-Colored Glasses
Remember how when you first started dating, you found all of their little quirks cute and amusing? Well, it probably didn't take too long before those same quirks became more annoying than cute. But guess what? Somewhere out there is someone who considers their less than desirable traits adorable. And once they find this person they are going to be tempted into straying. That other person doesn't even have to be better looking, smarter, or nicer. Just the fact that they're able to see your partner through rose-colored glasses is enough to gain their attention. Luckily, combating this is very simple. Just take the time to remind yourself what it was about your significant other that you found so appealing in the first place. Then focus on those good traits, and refrain from criticizing their flaws. They'll feel more appreciated by you, and won't feel the need to look elsewhere for the appreciation of someone else.

Continue to Dress to Impress
Being comfortable in a relationship isn't a license to let yourself go. Your partner still wants to see you looking your best. Whether your partner is going to work or just chilling with their friends, they're constantly surrounded by other people who are dressed to impress. It would be rather disappointing for them to see you in your sweats all the time. So put away the jogging pants, and opt for something that brings out your best features. Forget about wearing that old tattered t-shirt; catch your partner's attention with something that draws them in instead of turns them off. Seeing you looking your best regularly will prevent your partner's eyes from wandering.

Be Your Happy and Confident Self
There's nothing better than being with someone who is a happy and confident person. It makes sense to say that the biggest turnoff is a partner who is grumpy and self-doubting. Do not be that person! Live your life doing things that make you happy, instead of always trying to change your true self to please someone else. By doing so, not only will you be able to live with more joy in your life, but your partner will also find you much more attractive and independent. And speaking of being independent, do not try to control your significant other by constantly questioning them about their whereabouts. Acting needy and always being suspicious will annoy them to no end, and it could actually cause them to seek out someone else who is willing to let them do their own thing. So give each other some breathing room, and you'll both feel more at ease in each other's arms!

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