Lets have a look at ecological cars which are hybrid technology based. They have an electric motor and they also have an petrol engine. Three top cars of this type are:-

  • Honda Civic hybrid.
  • Lexus HS 250h.
  • Toyota Prius.

The completely excellent feature of this type of vehicle is the fact that you get the best of both worlds, petrol or gas engine and then an electric motor powered by battery technology also. Seeing as there aren’t many charging stations yet for the electric, it is useful that you can still fill up with petrol or gas. If you’re sitting in a traffic jam you don’t have to have an engine ticking over using costly fuel.

The petrol engine is not there as a back up for the Electric system, it is there to work in tandem with the hydro carbon system. The electric gets you moving and the petrol takes over to get you up to higher speed or for extra acceleration. The petrol engine doesn’t have to work very hard and use much fuel because of the momentum already given by the electric motor. Or you could look at three fully ecologically orientated cars - Nissan Leaf - Tesla Roadster and Model S if you want to fully electric.

Some interesting facts about these three cars

The Toyota Prius has an estimated annual fuel use of approximately 240 gallons per year, the Honda Civic hybrid would use around 286 gallons a year and the Lexus could get through 353 gallons a year. Many fully petrol cars without the benefits of an electric motor would use perhaps double that.

The highest fuel economy of all vehicles in the US the moment is the Toyota Prius, it has a very aerodynamic design and the 2011 model now goes faster, has more space inside, plus other extra features too.

The Honda Civic which looks a little bit better than the early Honda green vehicles, has the fuel efficiency second only to the Prius. and it has a good design which doesn’t say ‘Hey there I am a hybrid car’.

The Lexus has a price to match the luxury type of car it is, at $34,600. The Toyota Prius is only $22,800 and the Honda Civic hybrid comes in at $24,000. The fuel economy on the Prius is around 50 mpg for the Lexus about 35 miles per gallon and Honda Civic 40 to 43 mpg - impressive technology.

Toyota Prius(48973)

 Toyota Prius

Toyota achieved this level of fuel efficiency by making the vehicle weigh less and by maintaining the best aerodynamic shape of any production car available in the world. Toyota’s designers have re-engineered the the way the way the power is transferred from the engine, in order to extend the range of the all electric, petrol free driving. The Prius uses some clever high efficiency tricks to reduce the drain of electric power as well.

The Toyota Prius also has a regenerative braking system that charges up the batteries while you’re driving the car. There are also panels on the underside of a car which helps aerodynamic efficiency. The Toyota has a fairly distinct space age sort of profile, it has an iconic appearance, as you would expect from high tech vehicle.

There are more Toyota Prius vehicles out on the road now, they do look quite ordinary, when you spot them. You would hardly think they were hybrid cars from the look of them. It maybe there are some people that think that the Prius looks a little gimmicky. but I don’t believe that Prius drivers think that though. The Prius does seem create an fervour in its users of almost religious proportions. People that are first adopters of a new technology tend to get quite excited about being able to say they are the first.

Toyota keep improving the model of the Prius, the second generation had lots of gadgets, including keyless entry, joystick gear lever, as well as the high energy motor. It also utilised some cameras for a rearview system. The latest Prius offers heated seats, The there is the nice moon roof. It also has a solar panel that provides power for the ventilation system.

When you’re driving the Prius you have three different driving modes you have PowerEconomy andEV. When you are using the Power driving mode you get a better acceleration, Economy drive mode gives you a slower throttle response, so that you can travel further per gallon of fuel. Then when you use the EV driving mode you can drive the car for about a mile or so at low speeds without using any petrol at all.

Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda Civic Hybrid

The Honda Civic although it tends to be the runner up to the Toyota Prius is also worthy of some attention. The Honda has a 1.3 litre engine installed, the Vtec engine, and they also squeezed in a 20 hp electric motor. The car uses nickel metal hydride batteries and has a 158 volt output.

When you have got to your cruising speed you can basically turn the engine off and cruise just using the electric motor to keep you going.

It’s also interesting that the engine never stops turning over while your car is moving. What it does is to shut off the fuel supply and open valves so that the engine can keep spinning without slowing the car. Honda gives you a hybrid car with some pretty good energy savings, which will probably be improved on with advances in the hybrid technology.

What you get with the Honda is a car that drives pretty much like a normal car. You also have the benefit of an hybrid technology to save money on fuel and do your ecological best for the planet.

Lexus HS250h

Lexus HS 250H

If you want to have a more luxury type of car, when you’re buying a hybrid, then you need to look at the Lexus, whose parent company is Toyota. Lexus have a car called the HS 250H. The official miles per gallon for the HS 250H is about 35 miles per gallon. With that sort of miles per gallon numbers then what is the point of buying a Lexus hybrid car when it doesn’t give you much benefit in terms of using less juice.

The Lexus has a larger engine in it at 2.4 litre which is similar to the Toyota Camry, whereas the Prius uses a 1.8 later engine. So all together the Lexus is about 44% more powerful than is the Prious. The operating modes in the Lexus is pretty much the same as you’ll find in the Prius as well.

What If The Point Of Of A Lexus Hybrid

I wonder - Maybe the only reason to buy the Lexus rather than buy a Prius is just because you want to have a luxury car with this technology in it. Or maybe the angle of the rear window in the Prius is not to your taste. Or perhaps there is another part of the Prius that you don’t like, but you are determined that you still want to use a hybrid type car. That is all well and good but it seems that buying a hybrid will only give you the full dose of smug factor if you are saving your wallet from the hydro carbon slimming disease due to increases at the pump, or you are saving the planet.

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