Three, Two, One... BLASTOFF!

We’ve all heard these words at one time or another and generally we associate them with the pending launch of a rocket that is sitting majestically on a launchpad in Florida.  But they could mean something totally different.

They could mean that you’re ready to begin a new project, launch a new business or be the catalyst of your mind-mapping process with regard to an exploration of something new you’re intent on trying.

Today though lets think of them as words that will launch you into a research project designed specifically to help you find just the right online printing service.

Online printing services are varied as to the products and services they offer. They are something you should consider if and/or when you have printing needs that are simply too large to handle on your desktop printer.  Perhaps you’ve just finished your first novel or maybe you have taken the perfect picture and want it printed professionally so you can frame it and put it in your office or on a wall in your home.  Online printing services fit the bill for this type of requirement.  Even if you just want a small run of professionally made business cards, online printing services are the best way to go.

So how do you find a online printing service without spending your entire discretionary budget?  Where do you find the perfect service that will give you excellent customer service as well as a product that you will continue to use in the future?  The search process is really quite simple.  With the advent of so many different online search engines you can spend days researching companies that could help you.  It isn’t difficult.  It just takes time.  But when you consider that you will be using the company you chose for a long time it is worth the effort.  You don’t want to use a online printing service just one time.  When you establish a relationship with the service and they provide great customer service it is a win-win situation.  You get perfect prints and they get to serve you with the hopes of your becoming a return customer over and over again.  That’s a good thing.

The nuts and bolts of your search must include some areas that are specific to you and your needs. 

Make a list of requirements that you need to have the online printing service fulfill.  Requirements such as 1. Can the company provide high quality prints in a timely manner?  2. Do they offer exceptional customer service?  3. When you need customer service assistance are they able to answer your questions or concerns and actually help you solve your problem without your having to wait days for a response?  4. Do they provide any type of custom graphic work?  5. Will they provide samples you can see to help you make a wise choice?

Those topics are just starting points.  I’m sure you’ll come up with more and you should. 

Choosing an online printing service that is quick, dependable and that can meet strict deadlines is something upon which your final decision should be made.  If they offer great prints and are not able to meet your deadline then it is of no use to you.  If they say they have the best customer service in the world yet you can’t get through to them online or on the phone it isn’t going to do you much good.  You could lose business, time and money while developing an ulcer in the process.  That is not a good thing in today’s business world.

The next time you hear the words Three, Two, One remember that they don’t have to be the countdown for the next rocket ship to the moon.  They could be the launch words to your online printing service search and a relationship with them that could take you to places “that no man has gone before.”