Everyone wants their baby to have a keepsake that they’ll really love to use and look back on when they are adults as the one thing they couldn’t live without.  For most children, their blanket, blankie or ba ba fits that bill.  Just like Linus from the Peanuts cartoons, it’s a constant companion that they never leave home without.  Playing such an important role in baby’s life, it’s no wonder that parents want to personalize them especially for baby.  Whether as a keepsake or for security reasons (you can easily identify it if it’s lost or stolen), finding a way to add baby’s name is almost an imperative.  Let’s look at three ways to personalize your child’s blanket.


Probably the most common method is embroidering the baby’s name, monogram or initial on the fabric.  Depending on the style, the embroidery can take on a variety of looks.  A more basic blanket can showcase a larger, script or fun font, while solid block letters will look best on patterned fabric.  Regardless of the style, remember that embroidery is extremely versatile, offering a variety of options that aren’t limited to just the name.  You can also include a nursery rhyme around the edge, mark a special occasion (birth, christening/baptism information, dates, etc.), or even make a personal statement.   If the covering you're working with is extremely plain, jazz it up by embroidering animals, flowers and other designs.

personalized blanketblue star blanket


Unlike embroidery, which sews the design one stitch at a time, appliqués are already “stitched” and are sewn on to the fabric like a patch.  While you are limited to the types of appliqués that are available, you can typically find letters, flowers, trucks, cars, baby blocks and other items that can be easily sewn on to the item.  If you’re really feeling creative, you can “make” the elements yourself and attach them to the blanket.   Here are a few examples of fabric appliqués:

applique personalized blanketapplique personalized blanket2



For a truly one-of-a kind baby gift, weave the name or design right into the fabric.  Although more expensive than the other methods, it allows you to choose the color, design, message and style of the blanket that will soon become a treasured keepsake.  Because each one is made to order, they are the ultimate in personalized baby gifts.

woven blanket

When it comes to ways to personalize a baby blanket, these three methods—although probably the most popular—are only the beginning.   In actuality, you can print it, stamp it, or tie-dye it if you must; feel free to turn your baby blanket into a blank canvas for your creativity to flow.