If you are renting your space, then chances are the landlord doesn’t want you to do any major renovations or repairs.  This is the perk of renting, your landlord must fix these things, but what if there is simply an ugly wall in your apartment that your eye is drawn to?

Nothing physically wrong with the wall, it is just ugly.  Maybe a few too many lumps and bumps from over painting or repairs to drywall that are not really up to your standard, or maybe it is a nasty space of old wood paneling.

Either way, there are things you can do to hide that ugliness.  Landlords usually let you hammer in picture hooks, but if yours doesn’t you can get 3M hooks that will hold up artworks and pictures but can be removed without adding anymore scars.

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1. 4 x 6 Picture Frames to Fill the Space

Take as many pictures as you can find, or photographs, or print what is in your phone and then get a lot of 4 x 6 inch frames in the same colour that you can now arrange very close together.  It is worth getting a lot of these frames, and covering the wall.   You can get these online as a package deal.

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This can now be your focal wall, and will entertain your guests so much they won’t notice the ugliness behind all these great shots of yours.  We always have pictures in our phones, so go to the local print shop or Wal-Mart and have them printed in black and white for example to follow a theme or print them at home on your computer printer.

2. Fabric Canvas, Framed Fabric or Vintage Fabrics

Create a frame out of wood and then find some really cool fabrics and then tightly wrap them around the frame using a staple gun.  Hang on the wall.  You could create a large one to fit the dimensions or you could create a few to place as a collage.  If you get bright happy fabrics, this will add pizzazz to your room and hide the ugliness. 

If you don’t want to make a frame yourself, head to the thrift store and find some old canvas pictures you could stretch your fabric over, or even consider larger picture frames for cheap.  You can paint them and actually frame your fabric just as you would a picture.  This is a really quick way to create some artwork.  You could check out thrift stores and antique stores for vintage style fabrics, or even online.  Frame these and this will look awesome.

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3. Free Standing Frame or Room Divider

These are perfect for use as dividers, but can also be placed against the wall.  These come in fabrics, or panels to add your own artwork or frames.  This is a 3D way to hide just about anything including things you don’t want anyone to see if storage is an issue.  But place this against the wall is a quick way to get rid of ugly. 

If you are not sure what to do and you’re creative juices are not flowing, then head to a thrift store or rummage sale and find old artwork or pictures or anything that can hang on the wall and get creative with it.  Many pieces from the thrift shop will come back to life quickly with a coat of paint or some cleaning and now you have a piece that is worth looking at. 

So take that ugly wall and turn it into your focal wall and enjoy your space!