Summertime is a slow time for many people. Not only do you feel lethargic from heat, you feel more like going swimming than working. Of course, that also means you make a lot less money, and by the time August rolls around, you're strapped for cash. You just realize you need some cash, and you need it quick. You're probably trying to figure out how you can at least make 100 dollars fast, before you go completely broke.

Lucky for you, there's some great ways to make 100 dollars fast that you can do at home without spending extra money - which, you don't have, incidentally. So take your pick - here's a few options to get you started.

1. Write about a Google Trend. The Internet makes it easy for a nobody to become a somebody - just by releasing a news bit that's bound to go viral. Just go to Google and type "Google Trends" in the search box, and click the first result you see. It's Google's trending topics page, which has the top 20 hot topics of the hour, and it's updated several times each day.

You don't have to write completely new material. Quote and cite references from other reputable news sources once you get your hands on a juicy story. Keep an eye out for topics that are of a somewhat indecent nature, like Tiger Woods' multi-affair indiscretion and the ever-popular Erin Andrews peephole videos. You could also make the piece snarky - the more controversial it is, the more likely it will get read and spread like wildfire across social networks.

So where do you submit this article once you've written it? Places like Associated Content, Info Barrel and Bukisa all take news items and pay you performance payments for each view the article receives. I was able to make 100 dollars fast over the course of a weekend from one Erin Andrews peephole video article alone!

2. Write several articles for upfront payment. Places like Associated Content, Demand Studios, Break Studios and Bright Hub all offer upfront payments on articles. Sign up as a freelance writer at these directories and submit your best stuff. At Associated Content and Bright Hub, you can submit topics of virtually any kind while Demand Studios and Break Studios offer hundreds or thousands of assignments to choose from that pay between $3 and $15 each.

3. Submit lots of articles to performance payment-only websites. Bukisa, Bright Hub and Info Barrel are some of the best sites for this purpose. If you have a lot of friends on Facebook and Twitter, you can send them a link to the article and you'll get paid for each view you receive or make money on AdSense when viewers click the ads around your article, depending on how the website is set up to make money. This is one of the easiest ways to make 100 dollars fast. People are never going to satisfy their hunger for information and advice, so the more content you can offer them, the more money you'll make.