How to play all the classics while avoiding hooking up these boxy machines!

Are you looking to play some 8 bit games WITHOUT blowing into those old machines? Here are three easy ways to play the games of the past, without their systems!

Video games have come a long way. From the simple pong game to Call of Duty, to say that gaming has evolved is a dramatic understatement. I have been around video games since the early Nintendo Entertainment System, and yes I do miss this form of gaming from time to time.  When I get the itch to play these games, it is a big time hassle to get the system down from the attic and set it up on the TV. With modern technology, I no longer have to do this! Below are three examples of ways that you can play vintage video games without the original system.

1) Find a 3rd party system that plays them/has them installed:

A quick Amazon search shows that there are many 3rd party systems that will play anything from just the NES to playing the NES, Super Nintendo (SNES), and the Sega Genesis! From handheld to pre-installed systems, these knock offs (for lack of better words) are a great way to play your old games without that clunky system.

2) Manually download them on a computer/mobile device:

Video games are software after all! If you are to search the web for video game ROM's and Emulators, you will be able to download yourself a vast library of vintage video games for nearly any system. How do you play these games? The games are ran via a download called a "ROM", and the systems that run these ROM's are "Emulator's" which is software built to emulate the games for that specific system and being able to play the ROM as if it was the real game. 

Warning: Downloading games you do own is illegal, only download games which you currently own a physical copy.

3) Download it via New-Generation system:

If you still want to play those retro or vintage games on an officially licensed console, you are able to do so via the console's store. Most come with a small fee, but the games are 100% the original games being played on these consoles. The Nintendo Wii or Wii U has the Nintendo Store while Sony and Microsoft also have their respective stores. These stores make it very easy to get these games, as long as they are available to download.

Gaming will forever be one of the worlds most popular past times and hobbies. As the industry continues to evolve, games that releasing today will soon be categorized as retro. Below, please comment on how you think the current-generation games will be playable to the console-less gamer.