Sad though it is, many talented bands have fallen off the popular radar because they neglected promotion. If you’re spending hour after hour rehearsing, performing and crafting your technique but still not getting more popular then perhaps you need to consider how to increase your appeal among fans. This article shows three ways you can increase your visibility and maximize your appeal.  

Craft an Image

Although it might rankle the purists out there, having an image for your band is essential. Where would the Fab Four have been without their mop-tops and suits? If you want to reach the masses you have to have an image. Consider: what are the essential elements of your group? What do you have that others lack? Focus on developing these advantages in order to boost your image and visibility.

Update Your Fans Weekly

It is no use sending out sporadic emails. You need to make sure that you provide items of interest to your fans on a regular basis. For instance, you might want to upload a YouTube video or create a competition for fans to enter. Anything that can set your fans talking and discussing your band is helpful and will ensure that you can remain current and in people’s minds.

Embrace Marketing

It is also important to make sure that you don’t shun marketing. Although you might be doing it for the love of the music, you must not ignore the need to be sustainable financially. Begin by finding an ideal number of fans that you would like to reach and then consider how you can interest them in what you have to offer.

Band Promotion Is Simple

You just need to remain persistent and know who your fans are. By constantly coming back to your core element and refusing to give up, you can develop a fan base and make sure you never slip into rock ‘n roll oblivion.

Reach Your Fans