IWays to Sell Things OnlineCredit: morguefile.comf you are finding yourself short of cash at this time of year, or actually any time of year then there are way to sell things online and convert them into that much needed cash.

There are a few things you will need to have to sell online and get the best price you can.  You need to either have these items already or have access to them.

First Item –  Internet - Access to the internet and a valid email address.  If you have your own computer or laptop or some kind of electronic device that will let you send and receive then you are off to a good start. How to Sell Things OnlineCredit: morguefile.com

You could use a friend’s setup but it can get difficult as you get replies to things for sale and now your friend has to find you to deal with it.  So, it is best if you have the internet yourself and your own email address.

Second Item – Camera - The ability to take pictures is necessary.  Have you ever heard the saying “a picture is worth a 1000 words?” well this is very true when it comes to selling things online.  Since the person cannot see the item right in front of them, then you need to be able to show them a decent picture online.

You could use your phone camera, but a decent digital camera usually has higher pixels and will take a clearer picture.  You could borrow a camera and then upload the pictures to your computer then give that camera back if you don’t have one of your own.

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What to Sell Online and Get that Extra Cash You Need

Step one – Start with your home.  Whether it is a full house, an apartment, a trailer, or you simply rent a room, you can usually find something you don’t need anymore.

This is the perfect time for a clean out.  Go room to room and start filling a box in each room of things you don’t want anymore, whether it is clothes, electronics, books just start filling a box in each room, no matter what the condition and no matter what it is.  You can sort out the details once you have created a box full of items you no longer want.

Step 2 – Now that you have had a good clean out, it is time to decide the best place to sell these item.How to Sell Things on the InternetCredit: morguefile.com

From each box of goods you have unearthed in your home, you are going to now create 3 separate piles.  You are going to separate them based on their size, condition and this way you can decide which online site will be the best place to sell them.

First Pile – Charity - This is when you really have a good look at the item and decide whether it really fit to sell at all.  If it is clothing and it is not as new looking as it once was but still usable, then this first pile will be for charity. 

As long as the items are still useable, then charity would be a good home for them, this includes furniture too.ways to sell things online(116874)Credit: diane palmer

Second Pile – Larger Heavier Items – This would include musical instruments, furniture, chairs, desks, beds, anything larger that is in good condition.  Basically anything that would be difficult or too costly to ship anywhere.

Third Pile – Smaller Lighter Items – These would include light clothing, some electronics, your record collection, jewelry, CDs, DVDs  or anything that could be placed in a package and mailed for not too high a cost.

Now that you have your 3 piles sorted.  You know what to do with the charity pile.  Once you have taken it to the charity shop you can move on.

Look at each item and make sure it is clean and polished and looking its best.  If you want to sell some designer jeans for example, make sure they are washed and clean.  Make sure your CD or DVDs are in good condition and the case is clean and ready to go. 

Now this is When You Decide Where to Sell Things Online

Kijiji. com – This has got to be one of the best sites right now for selling most items, but especially larger items.  I was able to sell a complete bedroom set on this site.  My son always sells his car parts this way too for quick cash. 

Go to their site, and you will be able to list your items locally.  Sign up for a free account, and you are set.  Read their terms of service as to what is allowed and what is not, then you are set.  This site is looked at daily by thousands of people.  This is why you now need to take really good pictures so your ad stands out. Also make sure and put it in the right category.

Set up your item in as good a light as possible, make sure your dirty clothes or other stuff is not lying around the item or other distractions, and take a picture of the front, back and side of the item.  If it has doors, open them and take a picture of the inside.Sell Things OnlineCredit: morguefile.com

You basically want them to be “pre-sold” before they come and see it.  Now selling on Kijiji does mean you will have to deal with them in person.  They will respond by whatever method you have placed in your ad, such as phone number or most popular is email.

Make sure you have put all your details in the online ad about the item and the price and then make sure you have someone with you when they come to look and hopefully buy the item.

Kijiji.com is the perfect place to sell larger items, and if you price the item right (look online to see if others are selling similar items and for how much to get an idea for price) you will convert it into cash fast!Ways to Sell Things Online(116869)Credit: amazon.com

Ebay.com – This can be a great place to sell clothes, jewelry, electronics etc.  You will have to sign up for a free account, have a good email address and get a free Paypal account. 

Take good pictures of your items with no other distractions, and decide whether you will sell it in your country or outside it as well.  Try and work out a postage cost by going to your post office online with a size and weight.  This way you can show the postage price as well as the purchase price.  People like to know the total up front if possible. 

They will purchase the item, and then you mail it to them.

Usfreeads – This is another online ad site, that is free to setup, and it has the ability to look like a mini webpage where you can add lots of pictures and details.  You can list this for local pickup, but you can also use this site for mailing items.

The above are the 3 major sites for selling things online and are a good place to start, if you want to convert your belongings into cash.  You could be sitting on a goldmine in your own home and not realize it!

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