If you are checking out old three wheelers for sale, there are quite a few different things to consider before you make your purchase. There are many places to look, and many different models and manufacturers to consider. Since they haven't been in production for about 25 years, it may be helpful to get some background on the different models you could expect to find hanging around out there today. Let's look at some more popular models and manufacturers to think about when you are checking out three wheelers for sale.





A Classic - The Honda Big RedThe Big Red: Perhaps the most ground breaking ATC or ATV of all time, the Big Red was the first true workhorse in the utility vehicle lineup. If you find one of them when looking at three wheelers for sale, they are probably worth the price. Featuring at the time, a very powerful 192cc engine, this could do just about anything you wanted it to. In fact, they were quite popular on farms because they could tow small trailer, and had reverse. In 1982 the Big Red was introduced with a suspension, rather than just the big balloon tires, and utility racks that you can still buy on today's ATV's. When looking at good used three wheelers for sale, the Big Red by Honda deserves a look.  

The 250r: This machine is really fast. If you are looking at three wheelers for sale, this one is for the more advanced rider only. Several of my riding buddies refer to this as a 2 wheeled vehicle. This is because, as we joke, the front tire never really touches the ground from take off until top speed is reached. While this is not completely true, you will have a hard time finding a 250cc ATV that can keep up with the now 25 year old 3 wheeled version from Honda. The 250r was a BEAST. Even by the today's standards, it's among the very fastest 250cc vehicles you can find. If you find them when looking at three wheelers for sale, and are looking for speed, it's a good choice. You can still find 250cc Honda three wheeler parts.

110cc and 125cc: Both were quite popular, especially in the very early 80's. You can still find these used three wheelers for sale if you take the time to look around. There are still tons of old 110's on the trails today. In fact, my old 110cc from my youth is still up and running and a friend's farm. About 30 years old and still running like a top. While they didn't have much for power, they were fun. The giant balloon tires were the only form of suspension on the machines. If you find one of these priced right when you look at three wheelers for sale, you may want to get one.  Today, they make 110cc Chinese knock off motors.

For the kids: You might find some old Honda 70cc three wheelers for sale. The 70cc models, and the 90cc kids models are both out there, if you get lucky. Both were quite well made. The 70cc has really stood the test of time. In fact, many Chinese manufacturers now copy this motor. This makes getting parts for old three wheelers for sale a little easier.

Other makers:




Of course, Honda isn't the only company that made some of the three wheelers for sale that you may want to consider these days. Yamaha, Suzuki and some others made various 3 wheeled machines for riding on. Of those, your best possibility is probably going to fall with Yamaha as you look for three wheelers for sale.  Today, you can still find trikes for sale, like the Ice Bear 300cc Magnum Trike.

Honda seemed to have a choke hold on the industry, especially in the very late 70's and very early 80's. This is when Yamaha began to make its mark on the industry. Yamaha was really pretty much the only one, at that point in time, that was remotely able to compete. They introduced the Tri-Z models. Look for them when you search for three wheelers for sale.

Yamaha Tri-Z: The Yamaha Tri-Z models were starting to make some progress by the early to mid 80's. When looking at three wheelers for sale, these are the years to look for. Many, like the 200cc model, can still be found today. It was about this time that Yamaha tried to compete with the performance on the 250r, by introducing the YTZ250. This was a very snappy 246cc engine. In fact, it really did compete well with the250r. However, when you are looking at three wheelers for sale, you are much less likely to find one of these, since Honda had such a strangle hold on the industry.

The 60cc Yamaha Tri ZingerFor the kids: The Tri-Z 60cc is a great option if looking for three wheelers for sale for a child. These were available for a number of years in the 80's, and were made quite well. You will still find them running now, about 25 years later.

Kawasaki: If you look at three wheelers for sale, and you manage to find a Kawasaki Tecate KXT250, get it. This was like the 250r, in that it took off from the line quickly and hit top speed at rates that outshine the 4 wheeled counterparts of today. You will not find too many of these out there. Many less were made than the 250r due to the demand of consumers at the time.

The Snowco - Something You've Never SeenSnowco: Now these were just goofy, but you can still find occasional Snowco three wheelers for sale if you keep your eyes open. They sold the Nomad and the Scat models. They sort of resembled a cross between an ATC and a homemade go kart. You could get a 5 horse or 7 horse power model back in the early 70's. At the time of this writing, I was able to find an old one on Craigslist. They are actually pretty collectable. Keep this in mind if you find Snowco three wheelers for sale.   

For the kids: You could also get a smaller Snowco in a 2 1/2 horse power model. These were nice little three wheelers. If you find one for sale at a reasonable price, you may want to get it.  These are way different than today's Chinese off brand ATV's.

Have fun as you check out the great three wheelers for sale!

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