For many people who are struggling from month to month with household bills and rising costs, the prospect of being able to find a way to reduce telephone costs is something they would relish. So why is it that in this day in age, when finding a cheaper deal and switching to a different provider is relatively simple, the majority of British people stick with the same provider year in and year out? Porting your telephone number to a new provide is easy, most often there is no new installation charge and even better telephone bills can be reduced considerably. Here are some of the things that people can do to make sure that their telephone charges are as low as they possibly can be.

Use a Comparison Website to Compare Rates.

Comparison websites have made the process of comparing different providers very easy. The time consuming task of visiting any number of individual websites is no longer necessary. A comparison website will be fed up to the minute details of prices, deals and special promotions and in most cases will present the information in price order so that the cheapest deal is at the top of the list. Accessing that particular provider is then a simple matter of clicking a link.

Amalgamate Services

If you have your broadband internet and TV packages from one provider, your mobile phone from another and your landline with a third, you might consider looking at some of the deals available that put the service provision for all of these services under one roof. Many of the providers will offer some very attractive deals precisely because they would like to capture your business in this way. Once again a comparison and switching website like will simplify the process of finding the best all in one package.

Make More Use of VoIP and Instant Messaging

It is surprising how many people have reasonably fast always on broadband internet connections and yet still pick up the landline to talk to their friends. VoIP applications like Skype that can be installed on your computer can give you the ability to have video conversations with friends who have the application on theirs absolutely free of charge. You can even use these applications to add credit and call landlines and send texts to mobiles from your PC at vastly reduced rates over standard calling and texting charges.

Another way to use your broadband connection to stay in touch with friends at no cost is to use the instant messaging applications on social networking platforms like MSN and Facebook

With all of the tools available out there to use, there is no good reason for people who are struggling to make ends meet in other areas, to pay inflated charges out of some sense of misplaced loyalty towards a particular provider or perhaps because they think changing is all just too complicated. Moving to a better deal on telephone charges is very easy and everyone should be doing it.