Netbooks are proving to be very popular and increasingly the some of the biggest sellers for computer manufacturers. Netbooks are smaller and lighter than regular laptops and are ideal for students. While they don't have all of the features of a regular laptop like DVD players, their smaller size makes them extremely portable.

Most computer manufactures now have gotten on the netbook bandwagon and choosing the right computer can be a difficult deciscion. Most standard netbooks come with Windows XP pre-installed and all models seem to come with an Intel Atom Processor 1.60 Ghz, 160GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM with a memory upgrade of 1GB an optional extra.

Since the hardware specifications are all basically the same, the main differentiators are battery life, style and look of the case, ease of use of the keyboard and touchpad and some other features like digital card memory slots and blue tooth.

Here are three netbooks that you might want to consider.


The ASUS EE PCASUS EE PC 1005HA is one of the most popular netbooks available on the market. It features a long life battery, which you can get around 6 hours of usage. It features a 160GB hard disk and 1GB of memory.

The laptop is thin and lightweight and a fairly sleek looking design. If you experience any problems with the pre-installed version of Windows XP, recovering the operating system is as simple as hitting F9 three times, during start up.

Many netbooks and small laptops' keyboards are difficult to use, but this model is easy to use and touch typists will love it.

HP Mini 5101

HP mini
The HP Mini 5101 is a little more pricier than the above ASUS. The metal casing gives the feeling of high quality and extra durability. While battery life is good, you don't get as long battery life as the ASUS.

HP is well known for its quality and easy to use keyboards on it laptops and netbooks and this mode l is no exception. The keyboard is 95 per cent of a regular keyboard.

The HP line is marketed more towards traveling business people, but the extra durability the laptop also makes it a good choice for students.

Acer Aspire One D250

Acer Aspire One D250
Acer are continually pushing the pricing limits of netbooks and laptops and this model will appeal to price conscious students. The netbook comes in red, black, blue and white. The design is perhaps as sleek as the ASUS EE PC.

The keyboard feels a little more cramped than the HP Mini 5101, but the battery life is good.