What do you see when you look at the monitor of your computer? It may be a dull blank screen that makes you feel bored. Or it may be standard desktop wallpaper which is not very attractive. It is good to have bright multicolor wallpaper on your desktop, but some desktop backgrounds can be too bright, which may not be good for some people. Such extremely colorful wallpaper will not help you to concentrate on your work and your eyes will become tired if you look at it too much. If this is your case, the solution is simple: download nice black and white wallpaper from the internet. Here are the five reasons for you to do this:

It will improve your thought process.

I have heard on the radio yesterday that some scientists did a research on how various desktop backgrounds affect the thought process of people. They discovered that people who were using black and white wallpapers were thinking more productively in general. People who were using this kind of desktop wallpapers have also showed better results on the IQ test. That's why scientists have come to conclusion that black and white wallpapers improve thought process. I find this research very interesting and its results fit with my own experience.

It will increase your productivity.

The positive impact on the thought process, which we've just discussed in the previous paragraph, will definitely increase your productivity. It is pretty obvious that if you start thinking better, you will start working better as well. But there is another positive aspect of black and white wallpapers which will improve your productivity: they cause less distractions compared to bright and colorful wallpapers. For example, one my friend has put a bright girl wallpaper on his desktop. Every time he was looking at it, it made him think about girls and sex instead of thinking about his job. That was very distracting and counter-productive.

It will express your individuality.

Your desktop wallpaper is not only a picture that you look at when you switch on your computer, it is also a part of your image. When people see you near your computer, they see your desktop wallpaper in the same way they see your clothes and your haircut. By using stylish black and white wallpaper you can significantly improve your image in their eyes.

These were the three main reasons for you to download free black and white wallpaper right now. Just open your favorite search engine and type 'black and white wallpaper' in the search box. You will get a lot of links to websites that host various black and white desktop backgrounds, which you can download and set up on the desktop of your computer.