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The battle begins

Yes the battle has begun amongst the top teams of Europe with an unlike spirit of winning champions league. We know who were the last year Champions, the German giants Bayern Munich. Wow what a marvelous season for Bayern Munich last year. They enjoyed every single moment of last year as they magnificently won another treble under Jupp Heynckes. Nevertheless, if again they desire to win they have to be more wary because English, Spanish, Italian and French giants are very ambitious for winning the Champions League and they are very well prepared as compare to last season, some of them have brought some big names and some of them have hired notable managers.

However, it is too early to say the possible teams as to which of them can be champions. However, we can guess by their overall performance, strategic wise, strength, weaknesses, and several more things. 

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Real Madrid

It is frightful for Madrid fans to think to be a runner up or to be semifinalist again this year. Real Madrid is one of the richest Football club on the planet with an estimated wealth of €3 billion. They can sign any big name they want, they stunned the entire football world when they announced to have signed Tottenham Hotspurs winger Gareth Bale in €100 million and bringing Bale signified the high aims of Mr. Fiorentina Perez (Madrid Owner).

With a new season, they have started with new boss Carlo Ancelotti, who resigned from his job, as Paris Saint German’s manager for his dream job was to manage Madrid. He is a very intelligent and experienced manager; he achieved several major trophies with AC Milan, Chelsea, and PSG. Therefore, it means he is the right man who can bring Madrid trophies, and maybe that is why Perez spends a lot of money around Ancelotti. 

Last year’s semifinalist is looking to grab the opportunity to win the Champions league for the tenth time. Madrid is one of the most successful club in the history of Champions league, which makes them even more notable in this League.

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Paris Saint German

They did well last season when they surprisingly reached quarterfinal, but unfortunately they were slapped by Barcelona.

If we could look at PSG’s history, they have not been a strong force in Europe, however it is imperative to mention about their capability of becoming a major club in Europe. They did not even dream that one day they would be favorite to win Champions League, though somehow fate was kind to them, when suddenly a Qatari Investment authority decided to possess Paris Saint German. That day and now we can see where PSG was and where are they now, so, it would be unfair to not to credit the Qatari Investment authority.

Now when everything is settled the fans are expecting something vibrant from PSG manager and the players because they brought several world class players to PSG, namely, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Alex, Lucas Moura, Thiago Silva, Edison Roberto Cavani Gomez, including many more young stars. Now that such names have joined the club, the expectations are very high from PSG because they have spent a lot of money to enable it to compete with the other European Giants.

The pair of Cavani and Ibrahimovic can do exceptional things for PSG and they can easily win matches single handedly. Both of them are keen to score as many goals as they can just as they are doing in French league 1, however if they continue this in Champions League matches then for sure they can be strong contenders to lift the famous Champions League Trophy.

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Bayern Munich

In champion’s league Munich is one of the strongest title contender, it has become a habit of Bayern Munich to play semifinal each year. With this size of squad, they can easily reach the semifinal again this year.

Thanks to the Jupp Heynckes who brought the Bavarians Champions league. It was not less than a miracle for Bayern Munich to win another treble. In addition, fairly most of the credit goes to Mr. Heynckes, however many of us still cannot understand the decision of Bayern Munich’s President when he announced that Heynckes will be replaced by by Josep “Pep” Guardiola i Sala.

It was not a bad decision by Administration, though they should have given more time to Heynckes and should have waited until he resigned because to be fair he was doing a tremendous job. The man who replaced Jupp was Pep Guardiola, the one who took FC Barcelona to its peaks; this man also introduced the famous tiki-taka.

It would be no surprise if they win another treble under Pep Guardiola this time.