Iron pills


Iron supplements

Taking iron supplements when you suffer from iron deficiency anemia is good, taking iron supplements to prevent iron deficiency anemia or to just supplement is bad, and I’m going to tell you why in this post.

For a very long time, people have thought that the soil we grow our food on is depleted in minerals and essential nutrients, thus the plants are going to grow deficient too.

These same people started thinking that we needed to take supplements to get the right minerals and enough of nutrients, as we tended to eat foods that are deficient in these nutrients.

However, this theory has been since proved to be wrong since most soils, even in heavy agricultural region, haven’t lost a lot of their nutrients and minerals.

However, most people in western countries are still going to take some kind of supplements on a daily or even weekly basis.

The most used supplement by people is vitamin C which has been proven to not add any value to their health in fact; it may even harm them in some dangerous ways;

The second most used supplement is a kind of supplements we call multivitamin supplements.

They are the most abundant kinds of supplements and they are dangerous for you because they contain iron!

Iron is terrible for your health and this is why:

The first reason why iron is bad for your health is because you are going to have too much hemoglobin in your blood.

Hemoglobin is simply the red cells in your blood; they are the ones responsible for taking the oxygen to your cells and making you alive.

The body monitors the amount of hemoglobin in the blood constantly because they can be dangerous if they are present in high numbers.

They are dangerous in this condition because they are going to add too much oxygen to your body and it’s going to increase the number of infections and tire your body severely.

The most vulnerable organ to this condition is your heart ad it’s the most dependent on a good oxygenation, like your brain.

Stop taking iron supplement and instead eat foods that contain good amount of iron like beans and whole grains.

The second reason why iron supplements are bad for you is because they will make too much oxidation in your body.

I’m sure that you’ve already heard of antioxidants, they are substances that are going to help your body deal with oxidation.

Oxidation is good for your health, after all, it’s because of it that you can breathe, but having too much oxidation can lead to terrible consequences, among these are heart failures and strokes.

It has been proven that people who donate blood regularly have got fewer heart diseases, regardless of their cholesterol levels.

This is because they are losing a huge amount of iron whenever they donate their blood.

The third reason why you have to stop taking iron supplements is because your body will have too many infections.

Infections are caused when your immune system will react to a threat; it’s a way to stoop this trait from progressing and to deal with it effectively.

When you have too much iron in your blood you are going to create a favorable environment for bacteria to live in and you already know that bacteria are invaders to your body and they are going to create infections in it.