Hot woman laughing
Credit: Corie Howell

No, this is not going to be about the physical characteristics of females which are extremely appealing to the eye and touch.

This article will be about the traits of a woman that in all essence trump the above physical characteristics.

1. Confidence

There is nothing better than a confident, strong woman.  Someone you can sit down with, feel relaxed and engage in conversation with.  A woman not afraid to give her opinion on a matter and to disagree with you.

Low self esteem is an instant turn off.  A girl that agrees with you all the time and relies on you constantly to make the decisions puts on strain on the relationship.  You never know where you stand.

In a relationship I like to learn from the other person, and I hope they like to learn from me. Someone with low self confidence is not really going to teach you much.

Confidence can be displayed in the way a woman walks.  If she stands tall and has a rhythm to her walk then she'll attract the eye of any man.  Someone that plods along hunched over is not going to attract anyone.

2. The ability to laugh at herself

A woman who doesn't take herself too seriously is gold.  One that can laugh at her mistakes and doesn't get wound up with her insecurities (we all have them at times).

We all experience tough times in life and a woman that handles the situation with grace and humor is stellar in my book.

3.  Supportive of her man

Men are simple creatures.  We are black or white.  On or off.  There are no shades of grey or inbetweens.

At our core we are competitive creatures not only with other men but more importantly with ourselves.  We feel restless if we are not performing some sort of task whether it's building a shed or unicycling around Europe.  

Be supportive of our endeavors no matter how crazy they may sound.  It's our way of releasing steam, and a woman that criticises and is ambivalent towards our goals may cause us to burst.

A man loves a woman that understands him or at the very least accepts him for who he is.

So in conclusion if you are entering into a relationship based on physical characteristics it wont take long before the lack of these traits gnaw away at you causing frustration and an eventual bust up.

But hey if she has the above traits and is drop dead gorgeous then you are one lucky man.