Decorating the Tree


Will spread the cost and the work


In control

Will be ready in time for Christmas

Takes the pressure off


Need to keep on track.

Lots to do.

Full Review

Three weeks today, it will be Christmas Day. It seems as if one minute there is lots of time left to prepare for Christmas and then the next minute Christmas is almost upon us. Here are a few tips, which may help you stay focused and complete your Christmas preparations on time.

Christmas Cards

Now is the time to complete writing your Christmas cards and get them posted. If you have cards to post to other countries, the deadline is probably today, 4th December. If you post later, the cards may arrive but that is not certain.

Remember to make a note of the recipient's names as your write your cards. That way you will not forget whom you have already sent a card to. It is so easy to forget when you are busy.

You could leave cards such as those for work until nearer to the big day. However, it may be worth asking colleagues if they really want to send cards this year. Perhaps everyone would be happier making a donation to a favourite charity.

Christmas presents.

Leave your present shopping until too late and you may get a bargain but it will be more likely that you cannot find a suitable gift. The best tend to be picked over early.

As you buy your presents and take them home, try to wrap them straight away. Put the label on and then store in a safe dry place.

If you need to post a present do so now.

Christmas Groceries.

For many people who are paid monthly there is only one more payday before Christmas and it will be nearly Christmas then.

Make yourself a Christmas shopping list now. This will enable you to either shop early to avoid the rush and possible lack of money before pay day, or, buy the items gradually especially when the prices are good.

You can also do this for your alcoholic and soft drinks. Remember to watch the use by date though. You will need to be strong willed and have enough space set aside to store these goods. If you think you may be tempted to consume before Christmas do not shop now though.

Household chores.

This weekend will be a good time to complete the additional chores. Perhaps you want to tidy the garden up one last time before winter sets in, shampoo your carpets, clean your drapes or sort out kitchen cupboards. It is best to complete these extra chores before you erect the Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree and Decorations.

There are still some people who wait until Christmas Eve to decorate the tree and the house. Most of us however like to do this early. Now is a good time to get cracking. Once your home looks festive you will start to get into the Christmas mood.


In Closing


A little forward planning is always good. It will help you stay in control. Christmas is not only fun it is a busy time full of chores.

If you do not leave everything until the last minute, you should enter the holidays feeling relaxed and in control. In fact the perfect way for you to enjoy Christmas.