Is it your turn to clean the bathroom? I think it's my turn actually it seems like it's my turn all the time. Gosh that's alright cause us mom's tend to getter done and getter done right. Yikes company is coming so I better get my poodle on. Getting my poodle on means getter done fast and speedy. I really don't feel like dragging the army of cleaners out at this moment since that would take special task force. Ok here goes it of to the loo I go. With me under my arm comes one bottle of Mr.Clean and one bottle of water in a sprayer. I open the bathroom door and it's not that scarry inside which is fab cause of my handy dandy quick cleaning method. I totally give it a good go over when sterilizing all surfaces is needed and I have the time. First step in keeping and maintaining your bathroom is as follows. Always keep your sink area clear no toothbrushes, hairbrushes, perfumes etc away in a cuboard especially toothbrushes no bacteria should be in touch with your brush. Ok so now you have a clear sink area take your spray bottle and fill half full with Mr. clean, any other cleaning product preferably a disinfect product. Forgot to mention having a roll of paper towel might help as well. Anywho clean and spray clean and spray to your hearts content. Move onto the bathroom toilet heck even do the floor if ya have a small bathroom that is. Smells great and clean and now you have your bathroom refreshed for company. It's quick and thrifty and for us mom's a treat when we know our bathrooms are clean.

Things You Will Need

You will need
A spray bottle filled with half water.
Cleaning product like Mr.clean.
Paper towels
And a smile.
All Mom's need a break from aching breaking house chores.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure to put all chemical cleaners away from children and animals keep up high and away from sight.