Halloween party is without a doubt one of the most celebrated and anticipated events of the year. This event has been held since time in memorial and its popularity continues to experience an upsurge all over the world. The Halloween party is not only a customary celebration but has also become part and parcel of the community as is evidenced with the magnificent displays held by both adults and the kids. The best party during the Halloween festivities always is always given a thumb up by the guests as well as the envious neighbors. A well planned and executed event will always brings back memories with nostalgia, this is why it is important to throw the best event for the kids to enjoy as well as always cherish the memories.


Planning and implementing a Halloween party is not as easy as a walk in the park, this activity can become quite a daunting task for both the adept as well as the novice party thrower. This is attributed to the many factors that play part in having a successful party for the Halloween celebrations. Planning will involve a lot of time, patience, energy and financial resources.

The ideal Halloween party does not mean breaking the bank or burning holes in the pocket. This can be a simple affair that will leave a mark for many years to come. It requires a planner to use judicious approach that will entail a detailed analysis of the desired effects as well as the best way to properly execute the celebration.

Themes and Ideas

Halloween celebrations are always focused on scary themes, the scarier the theme, the merrier the party. The parent will need to come up with the best theme for the party. Coming up with an ideal theme can be a challenge to many parents; however, there are many ways available to assist the parent in getting the perfect and unique theme. This will include referrals from family, friends or relatives, coming up with creative ideas, getting ideas from the kids' imaginations or favorite horror movie characters and also through searching through the internet.

Halloween themesCredit: www.creativeworksforchildren.comA parent will get more insights on the different Halloween themes that will portray a winning party. A well orchestrated Halloween theme will feature commonly known scary characters as well as inclusion of new characters that will cause quite a stir in the party.

The Halloween party needs to fully incorporate most of the known scary figures and also new characters. This is made possible by using locally found items so as to keep the cost on a minimal level. Old tins, VHS ribbons, polythene, calabashes, pumpkins, Christmas decorations, newspaper cuttings, recycled ribbons, cheap plastic, old rags and making most of the figurative representations will ensure a vibrant ambience full of vivid colors and imaginations.

Setting up

The best way to set up the house or the outdoors for the Halloween celebration is by involving the kids, this enables the kids to express their artistic skills as well as being more appreciative of the whole experience since they are part and parcel of coming up with the proper party setting. It is always a good idea to always have a preplanned idea instead of rushing through last minute plans that always end up costing extra and more often than not turning disastrous.

The Costumes

Clothes play a crucial role in any Halloween party; the item of dressing should match the theme and make the kids feel comfortable in them. The dresses are easily available from most retail stores but a better idea would be to tailor make the dresses at home if the desire is to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

Most dresses for Halloween can be made from old clothes by modifying the seams or adding extra material. The clothing items are never complete without the other accessories such as a witches hut or broom, a trident, rod, a parrot for the seaman and old rugged wellingtons among much other apparel.  However, Halloween costumes for boys and Halloween costumes girls can be really fun to plan.Halloween costumesCredit: illustration-pictures.feedio.net

During this season many shops always have special offers which a parent can take advantage of so as to get a good bargain, searching online and using coupons is one of the ways to cut down on costs.

The Food

There is never a Halloween party without the sumptuous meals served on the human skull and consisting of human brain or fingers. The food for Halloween needs to be plentiful and also keep up with the scary theme, the parent or guardian together with kids can come up with pasties baked in scary shapes and served on scary plates. This goes a long way in adding the fun and excitement as well as giving the faint hearted a scare.

Halloween foodCredit: www.creatingreallyawesomefreethings.comSimple homemade stuff such as dark ketchup or tomato sauce will pass well for a bloody meal, few curves on cauliflower will pass well for the brain, jelly for slimy stuff and frankfurters serve for fingers among many other food substances. It is important not to forget the Halloween treats that will be passed around the party and when going outdoors to the neighbors. This will feature candies; marsh mellows during story telling time etc.

The Games

To enhance the party spirit and offer maximum satisfaction, it is important to have a variety of games for the kids to enjoy. The games should include both indoor and outdoor either played via the video games or physical games. A prior research on games that feature scary characters is essential in order to suit the Halloween spirit.

Outdoor games will include witch hunts, vampire attacks, tracking down zombies and those that will play a beautiful princess or a knight in a silver armor.Halloween gamesCredit: blog.improvementscatalog.com

Storybooks and movies will offer leads on what characters to factor in when coming up with a game for the kids. Story time is probably one of the simplest ways in which kids will enjoy Halloween without having to spend a lot of resources on the activity. The kids will have a go on storytelling while roasting some marsh mellows in a bonfire that is set in a dark environment and is only lit by a few candles placed inside skull shaped pumpkins.


The party you throw for the kids will liven up the Halloween spirit.  Games, food, and fun will help you and the children you invite to have a lot of fun.  You can make this a party to remember or “to die for.”

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