Slumber parties have to be one of the coolest memories from growing up.  My own daughter turned ten yesterday, and has been wanting a slumber party for months now.  So, last night my house was filled with ten giggling p.j. clad ten year olds!  I can’t think of a better way to spend this weekend!   Throughout the night and this morning, I overheard girls saying “Best. Party. Ever.” 

Here’s the outline for our party and a guide to hosting your own!


Fun, elaborately decorated cakes are all the rage.  But when you have a group of girls for a number of hours – why not have THEM decorate the cake?

Buy or make a cake covered in fondant, cream or icing.  My daughter requested cream, which is very popular here in Ireland where we are now living.    

Buy fondant (ready-to-roll icing as it is called here in Europe), and pre-colour it with food colouring.  Make sure you have appropriate colours for skin, hair and clothes.  Girls can create a mini doll of themselves.  If they would like their candy ‘mini-me’ to be sitting up, put a skewer in through the bottom of the fondant character, leaving some of the skewer to be inserted into the cake. 


Slumber party cake


 Give each girl a new pillowcase and supply some permanent or fabric markers.  Girls can write notes to each other, sign their names and draw pictures on each others pillowcases.  They can then keep this as a fun memory of a great night!  Place a piece of cardboard (We used the front of a cereal box) in between the pillowcase so the ink doesn’t seep through to the other side.    This was  HUGE hit!


Have an array of foods available for the kids to eat.  Chicken Goujons, Fajita Rolls, Potato Wedges, etc.  I also had a plate of fruit, cheese and crackers.  As well as piles and piles of munchies for the girls to snack on throughout the evening.


 Murder She Winked

One girl is designated as the ‘detective’.  The detective leaves the room while the other children choose a ‘murderer’.  The detective comes back into the room.  The murderer winks at girls, and the girls who are winked at fall down dead.  The detective has to figure out who is the ‘murderer’

Broom Game

 This is a really fun guessing game.  You need two people that know the secret of the game to play.  One stands in the middle of the circle with a broom.  They then recite this poem:

 ‘Broom Game, Broom Game

Do you know the Broom Game?

If you know the broom game,

Leave the room…


 Throughout the poem, you work your way in the circle, randomly moving the broom pointing it at different players.  On the last word of the poem ‘game’, dramatically point the broom at one player.  The players have to guess who is ‘it’.  Most will initially guess whoever the broom is pointed at.

 The secret of the game is that the person who is ‘it’ is the first person to talk or make a noise (laugh, etc.) after you finish reciting the poem.  Once children guess who is ‘it’ they need to correctly guess ‘why’.

 This is where you need the second helper.  Players who think they know the answer leave the room and tell the helper why they think ‘it’ was chosen.  Once somebody guesses, the game is over. 

 This is a fun and hilarious game, as children (and adults) usually get so intent on focusing on your movements, the position of your broom, the position of your body, etc. in an attempt to guess the determining factor. 


Though some structure is good, half the fun of sleepovers are staying up late, chatting and laughing… and of course, watching movies. 

Here are some movie suggestions for the ten-year-old-girl crowd:

High School Musical



Princess Diaries

 My daughter had her heart set on ‘scary’ movies.  I didn’t want her watching anything truly scary, so here is a list I came up with (with the help of some friends!)



The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Haunted Mansion

The Alien in the Attic


 The beauty of slumber parties is that only a little structure is needed.  Most of the fun is had amongst sleepless giggles.  I supplied a variety of fun nail polish colours and makeup for the girls to pamper each other.  I loved listening to all their laughter and chatter…. Except maybe at 3:30 in the morning!  Not sure how they managed to stay awake until 5:30 this morning and wake up again at 8! 

The Next Morning

 Serve a breakfast of pancakes with a choice of toppings; we offered syrup, berries, jam and cream.  Along with sausage, scrambled eggs and potato wedges.  Being that we live in Ireland, the children were expecting an Irish breakfast.  Being that I am not Irish, I wouldn’t have the foggiest notion how to cook one!  But this ‘American pancake’ breakfast was a treat and they loved it!





 I have a little boy who wasn’t too fond of the idea of having a house full of girls…one day he may appreciate it but at the age of 8, it’s probably about as exciting as a math test.  He upped the level of excitement when he had the brilliant idea of playing practical jokes on the girls.  He was as excited as my daughter in the days leading up to the party.  He planned on drawing mustaches on their faces while they were sleeping, and woke up early to do so, but the girls woke when they felt the eyeliner on their faces so that one didn’t go over so well.  His best trick was putting blue food colouring in the toothpaste, which the girls found hilarious!  One girl also got a toy spider in her drink!