There are a lot of great advantages to throwing a kids New Years Eve party. Not only can your child have loads of fun with other children as a way to celebrate the holiday, you will also be offering those kids' parents a night off that will let them bring in the coming of the next year. If you do it right you can switch off years with your friends and family members so that you get a break on a different year as well. You may not know what to do for a kids New Years eve party, but here is everything you need to know to throw a great party!

The Plan.
To throw a great kids New Years eve party you will want to make sure that you start with the plan. You need to have a plan set in place that covers all the major angles to make sure that you are going to have plenty to do for everyone in various age group(s) that will be coming to your party. If you are throwing a party for your child and his or her friends then it is likely that you are only talking about their age group, but if you are throwing one for everyone in your neighborhood or for your friends and family then you may be talking about more than one age group. Make sure that you write out your plan and change it as needed so that you can pull off a great Kids New years eve party.

For your kids New Years eve party you will want to make sure that you choose a good arrival time. If they get there too early they are likely to tire themselves out faster if they are young and they are also more likely to get bored. If you are throwing the party so parents can go out then 7 or 8 will be nice for them. Much earlier and you are likely to drive yourself crazy before the night is out.

What to Bring.
Make sure that you plan out a list of what each child should bring to the kids New Year's eve party. This will help you make a good party great. Consider the following suggestions, but adjust the list as you need to.

  • Sleeping gear. Each child will need a sleeping bag or blankets, pillows, and any thing else they need to sleep with. Your kids New Years eve party should be a sleepover, but even if the kids are picked up after midnight you want to make sure that they are comfortable as they get tired.
  • Sleeping clothes. This is especially important if it is indeed a sleep over.
  • Food. While you don't have to request food to be brought, it can help make sure there are things that everyone will like there and that there are also plenty of snacks for everyone.
  • Games. Another great option to include in the list of things to bring to the kids New Years eve party are their favorite card or board games. Have each family write their name on the box.

To get people excited about your kids New Years eve party you will want to make some great invitations. Getting creative can be loads of fun and your children can get involved. One great option is to print off the information and a party hat clip art onto small squares. Then take a fine glitter and place it in a plastic bottle. Squeeze the bottle over each invitation for a shimmer and shine that is loads of fun. Have fun and get a bit creative with your kids New Years eve party invitations.

The activities that you can do at a kids New Years eve party are really limited only by your imagination. However, here are some great ideas to get you started. Just remember that you should tailor the items for the age group of the children who will be coming.

  • Decorate. Rather than having lots of spiffy decorations up for your kids New Years eve party you can have all the cool decorations out and ready and have the children help you to put everything up.
  • Crafts. Crafts are a party time favorite and your kids New Years eve party won't be an exception. You can make noise makers, party hats, jewelry, or masks. Masks are often a favorite. Get some inexpensive cardboard masks in black and white. Use tissue paper, sequins, glitter, glitter glue, paint, and or markers to decorate them. Doing this at the start of the evening will let the children wear them for the last hour or so of the kids New Years eve party, or the last hour before midnight if you are doing a sleep over.
  • Games. You can do a lot of fun games at your kids New Years eve party. Consider playing games that involve silver and gold colored balloons such as balloon volley ball. Have some outdoor games in the dark depending on the age of the children. You can also play a wide range of board and card games.
  • Movies. As the night moves on it can be a great time to spread out the sleeping bags and pop in a couple of quiet movies. This can be a great way to slow a kids New Years eve party down.

Final Tips to Make Your Kids New Years Eve Party a Success.
With just a few more tips you can make sure that your kids New Years eve party is a huge success.

  • It is important that you make sure that you keep an eye on what the children are eating. If they eat too much junk you may have some ill feeling children or an ill feeling child and that is never any fun.
  • If you have a lot of children who are younger than celebrate 12 at 10! This will save a lot of grumpiness. You can make it super special and they won't do any complaining. If it is a mixed crowd and the little ones are really little then you can have them go to bed at 10 while the older ones stay up. Just celebrate that final moment twice.
  • Make that last minute a really good one. You can count down with the ball drop or you can throw confetti and balloons. Another option is to make a series of giant signs that can be pulled down as you count down.

You can throw a fantastic kids New Years eve party. Start with writing down a plan and working to make it a good one. Consider what all you want to do at the kids New Years eve party and finish it off with some sort of bang!