Holiday Fundraising Opportunities

The holidays are the perfect time to put together a fundraiser to raise money for a good cause.  Whether it’s for your school, organization, or church group, the following are a few ideas to help this year’s fundraiser be a complete success!

  • Hold a dinner party.  Everyone loves the excuse to dress up and eat a fantastic meal, especially if it involves helping a good cause.  Advertise the evening and sell tickets prior to the dinner party.  You can set the price of the ticket rather high if you plan to make it a fancy evening with good food.  Depending on how many people you estimate to attend, choose the venue appropriately.  For a smaller gathering, choose a more intimate setting and for larger crowds consider a multicultural hall, school gymnasium, etc.  Wherever you decide to hold it, be sure to make the room feel festive and warm with lights, greenery, candles, etc.  Close the night with good music and dancing and your guests will leave having had a fun-filled evening for a good cause.
  • Sell wrapping paper. If you’re looking for the perfect holiday fundraising project for your kids, have them sell wrapping paper to neighbors, coworkers and friends.  Everyone needs wrapping paper this time of year, so it is the perfect easy-selling fundraiser for your child’s school or extra-curricular organization.
  • Hold a bake sale.  Bake sales are one of the best holiday fundraisers because they cost hardly anything to put together and are fun for everyone involved.  Because all of the bake sale goods are donated, you’ll be able to make quite a bit of money without any “overhead”.  Advertise with posters and banners around your school, church or other organization and encourage people to invite their friends.
  • Throw a Bingo night with a holiday twist.  You can advertise and sell tickets prior to the big night.  Tickets can include appetizers and drinks as well as a set amount of Bingo games, with the option to purchase more games as the night goes on.  Decorate the “bingo hall” with holiday lights and decorations and give the Bingo cards a holiday twist by printing them in holiday colors.  Before cementing down all of your night’s plans, be sure to read a few bingo reviews to find the best set of playing rules for your expected evening attendees.